Premium Food Items That You Must Include In Your Diet


Do you know which food items are good for your health? Or, what Premium items (ของพรีเมี่ยม, which is a term in Thai) of nutrients you should include in your diet? No. Don’t worry. Here is a list of all the items you must have in your daily routine to live a strong and healthy life. 

Basics Of A Healthy Diet

The basics of a healthy diet contain the following premium items of nutrients:

Fruits And Vegatables (And Legumes)

Consuming fruits, vegetables, and legumes provide a high bowl of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber to the body. Most of them are rich in calories, and you may not feel empty for long hours. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can substitute legumes for meat as they are rich in protein. Some of the protein-rich legumes are kidney beans, soybeans, chickpeas, and lentils. Including fruits and vegetables in your diet prevents you from chronic diseases like diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.


Multigrain bread, brown rice, oats, and quinoa are some of the grains that must be included in your daily intake. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Consuming grains prevents you from type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and some cancers. However, you must avoid premium items of grains like muffins, pastries, cakes, pies, and biscuits. 

Dairy Products

The dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt are high sources of calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Consuming it frequently reduces the chances of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Moreover, it is the best food item to maintain bone density. However, it is advisable to look for dairy items with low saturated fat and added sugar. If you are on a vegan diet, look for items like soy or rice drinks with no added sugar to maintain the level of calcium in your body. 

Lean Meats, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, Nuts, And Tofu

Fish, eggs, nuts, tofu, poultry, and lean meat are substantial sources of protein. Inculcating these food items daily in your diet provides a vast range of nutrients like iron, zinc, iodine, B12 vitamins, and other essential fatty acids. It is recommended to eat one to three servings from these food items every day as per your age. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to have three to four servings of these food items per day.