Personal Injury Lawsuits Do’s and Don’ts

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Minor injuries and accidents are a part of our lives; it can’t be avoided but when they turn into a life-threatening or serious incident that becomes a major cause of concern. Apart from physical and mental trauma, the financial hit you get makes the unfortunate incident even more traumatic. In case of personal injuries caused by the other party’s negligence, a lawsuit is necessary to cover up all the damages suffered personally or to your property. To bring up a lawsuit, you will have to hire a lawyer specializing in injury claims, like a Seattle personal injury attorney, if you are in Seattle or any other big city. When filing for a lawsuit, the victim and attorney should look out for these Do’s and Don’ts:

The extent of Injury Claim

Do’s: When filing for a lawsuit, always consider the full cost of your accident. This means any out-of-pocket expenses you might have paid to the hospital, all the property damage that wasn’t covered by the insurance, and if you are employed, loss of wages or salaries.

Don’ts: Always try and make a fair assessment of the damage. Injuries and losses are mentally stressful as well; don’t let your personal grudges make the lawsuit weak. Keep a proper record of all the expenses covered either by the insurance company or your pocket. False and verbal claims rarely win lawsuits.

Document the Incident

Do’s: When an accident causes injury, be it in a workplace or a car accident, if you think it’s not your fault, then it’s probably a good idea to document the whole scene. This helps in making your case strong and also minimizes any further costs that might occur during an investigation of the case. This can be done by making a detailed video or taking a lot of pictures of the scene.

Don’ts: Never try and force your point during documenting evidence even if you are the victim; this will not sit well with both sets of lawyers. Show everything and refrain from personal commentary, never document just the incident or the victim, show both sides of the story.

Insurance Claims

Do’s: Insurance companies always step in these matters for the offender and victim as long as the injury is not threatening. If the insurance covers all the cost of the victim’s injury, then they should take it. Law firms make the case airtight but if a claim is covered properly by the offender’s company, take that option.

Don’t: In matters like these, never settle for anything less than the actual cost. Insurance companies are notorious for reducing the costs and paying less for the incident. If a company does that, it’s good to file a lawsuit and hire a specialized firm.  


Injuries can be damaging in many ways, time will eventually heal the physical aspect of it but financial costs will set you back as well. There are a lot of firms that help victims get fair compensations for their losses. But a little knowledge in these matters beforehand can help the victims understand their losses better.

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