Organize your bachelorette party with Toronto Party Bus at affordable prices

That’s it, you are the future wedding witness, and you have been chosen by your best friend to organize his bachelor party. After the joy of the announcement, do you start to stress? Don’t panic bachelorette parties aren’t that complicated. After all, you are the one who knows him best and therefore the one in the best position to organize his bachelor party, right?

You will be able to find lots of advice, ideas to reduce your budget, and a roadmap. But, to make the moment memorable, you must do something different. Hiring a yacht, pool side villa, a loft, a bar, these are old school now. The ideal option will be to hire Party Bus Toronto service. This concept is new and loved by thousands of people already.

Two golden rules for an unforgettable stag party

The watchword to organize a successful stag party and to plan in advance to know the date or the most people will be available but also the budget and the activities to be planned which will please the future groom. You only celebrate your bachelor party once in your life. This is why it must be well organized in order to make it an unforgettable event. The secret to organizing a stag party is anticipation. YOU have the responsibility, YOU have to frame. Otherwise, beware of the Hangover and animosities between participants. Discuss the format, choose 3 dates, and choose 3 budget ranges to make the participants vote.

Have the guests vote on the date

The date chosen is most often in the month before the wedding, but it all depends on the program of the bride and groom. Why not ask the bridesmaid of the bride, or even the bride herself, to choose the same date at the same time? You could eventually end the evening by bringing the two groups together.

Setting a Budget for Stag Weekend

It is important to get along well from the start on everyone’s budget. The goal is to leave no one behind. Depending on the allocated budget, you will know what types of original activities you can turn to. Once the logistical part is more or less fixed, you have to choose the place and the activities. There are several possibilities: paintball, treasure hunts, laser game, tree climbing, etc. Keep in mind that the choice is not made according to your tastes but those of the future groom. If he’s athletic, play a game of paintball, if he likes to cook, offer him a cooking or wine class, if he likes thrills, a bungee jump.

Be careful; think all the same that this must remain a milestone. Do not hesitate to take him out of his comfort zone, it is not a “gift”, it is also to make him do everything that he will not be able to do afterwards, or that he never has yet. Be original. Hoping that these basics will help you make the most beautiful stag party ever for your best friend.