Online Classes: A Blessing or a Curse?

Are you even a student if you haven’t at one point wished for school to shut down? Just the mere thought of not waking up every day and attending classes was enough to feel relaxed. Well, this year this wish came true. As a consequence of COVID-19, schools around the world had to shift online, including classes, , assignments, and even exams. Considering online classes have both benefits and drawbacks most of the students are still confused about whether they enjoy it or not. This article aims to compare some of the key pros and cons of online schooling so it is easier to come up to a conclusion.


  1. You can attend classes in your pajamas:

Attending classes in your PJs is a dream come true for every student. As the only thing worse than waking up at seven in the morning is getting ready while you struggle to open your eyes. And let’s not talk about comfort. Imagine how much better it would be to solve a math’s problem or attend a history lecture in a comfortable night suit compared to formal clothing.

  1. No more going through the torture of extracurricular activities:

If you love extracurricular activities like taking part in sports competitions, and debate club events then you may skip to the next point. On the other hand, if you are forced to take part in activities apart from your regular curriculum when you just want to focus on studying then online classes are the perfect gateway for you.

  1. You can enjoy your break as you like:

How you spend your time in between classes is entirely your call. Whether you want to take a short power nap or have a quick snack, there are no rules to stop you.

  1. No more sitting in one place:

Sitting at your desk attending one class after another is not only boring but it drains out your energy. While attending classes at home you are free to move from one place to another this change in environment also improves focus and productivity.


  1. Too much screen time:

Sitting in front of a screen throughout the day is not healthy. It can lead to problems like weak eyes and headaches.  And in some cases being fixated on a screen all day leads to severe migraines and nausea.

  1. Network Issues:

If you have not yet opted for an internet plan like Hughesnet Plans that offer nationwide internet coverage then be prepared to face loads of network issues while attending classes. Due to online classes and most people working from home, the load on internet providers has already led to weak internet signals in a handful of areas. This is why having a reliable internet provider is a necessity during these times.

  1. Costly:

Online classes have a lot of added expenditure apart from the school fee itself. This includes the electricity bill, internet bill, and the cost of buying or renting a laptop if you do not already have one. Also, since many people do not have a proper working space at home they are compelled to go coffee shops or restaurants to get their work done. And that only adds as an extra expense.

  1. You feel lost:

On some days you just struggle with online schooling. You start missing your friends, your classroom, and the work seems difficult to manage when you are alone at home. You feel lost when your teacher introduces a new topic since you can’t just simply raise your hand and clear your doubts. On days likes these, all the convenience and ease of not going to school feels worthless.

Going with the flow is not everyone’s forte. While many students easily accepted the overnight change in their entire schooling system others are still struggling to make peace with. Therefore, online schooling can be both a blessing and a curse depending on how well you are coping with it.

On an additional note, whether a blessing or a curse, remember online classes are temporary and you will soon be going back to your regular school. So if you are enjoying it, make the most of it while it lasts, and if you miss going to school then hang in then as this too shall pass.