Noise In Commercial Vessels Have Long-Term Impact On Onboard Crew And Marine Life

Noise pollution in commercial vessels isn’t something to be brushed off easily. Though often neglected, it’s an issue that affects not just the crew but the marine life. One of the ways this can be addressed is by equipping your watercraft with marine sound proofing solutions.

How Noise Impacts Onboard Crew

Builders of watercraft, especially those made for commercial purposes, must know that without proper marine sound proofing, the onboard crew can develop long-term health issues. One of the most obvious is impaired hearing or even total hearing loss. Tinnitus or persistent ringing in the ears can also develop in some cases.

But besides hearing problems, prolonged exposure to loud noises can also be headache-inducing. In the long run, it can cause blood pressure levels to shoot up, which, in turn, can lead to other more serious issues such as heart and coronary diseases.

Too much noise and vibration can also be stressful to ship workers. If this issue persists, it can take a toll on their mental health — not to mention the negative effect that it will have on their performance, productivity, and quality of work.

Noise Pollution’s Effect To Marine Life

Compared to smaller watercraft, commercial vessels generate a significant amount of noise and vibration during their operation. The sounds typically emanate from the vessel’s engine and the propeller, which are both found in the lower sections of the ship.

According to studies, underwater-radiated noise can negatively impact marine wildlife. Keep in mind that most marine animals depend on their sense of hearing to navigate their environment, communicate with one another, find a mate, look for prey, and detect if there are predators nearby.

Noise from water vessels can travel far and wide, interfering with how aquatic animals use their hearing capabilities. It can also put unnecessary stress on them.

Apart from these, it can also prompt them to flee their habitats to find a place where there’s no noise pollution. This can affect the general biodiversity in an area.

The Benefits Of Marine Sound Proofing

Commercial watercraft noise will always be present, but it can be reduced so that it can’t negatively affect your crew and the surrounding marine life.

Today, you can avail of innovative coatings systems such as the Mascoat Sound Control-dB designed to offer robust sound protection while creating an effective thermal barrier at the same time (which helps lower energy costs and reduce the risk of corrosion and corrosion under insulation).

This easy-to-apply coating boasts sound damping characteristics that can minimize noise and vibration for a long time. Because it has a water-based formulation, you can also use it together with other coats if you need to add more robust protection. Besides preventing impact on your crew’s health, sound proofing coatings can also increase their comfort and productivity.

It’s also lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about how the additional weight can affect your vessel’s performance. Additionally, it’s easy to maintain and repair, bringing down sound proofing expenses in the long run.