It’s late-night and you are walking towards your home. Some parts of the streets are not well lit due to a broken street light. At times as such, it is common for a human mind to imagine the worst possible scenarios. The problem however arises when there’s even a slight chance that those scenarios may come true. Life is full of uncertainty, you don’t know what lies ahead. In today’s day and age, accidents or instances which may cause us harm, tend to happen. A parent gets worried sick when their child is even a few minutes late while returning from school. If so, why leave it to chance? Why not take necessary precautions, to begin with? We can start by taking our personal safety into our own hands. It can be as simple as calling and informing your friends and family that you reached the destination. It also is a lot about making choices like choosing to take a cab if it’s late at night rather than walking to your house.  Here are a few more things that can help you with personal safety:

Technology has progressed a lot in these few years. If you look it up, there’s an app for almost everything. Similarly, there is a safety tracking app that will help you stay safe. Not only that it will also help your friends or family know whether you are safe or not. There are many personal safety apps in the market but out of them, UrSafe is the one we recommend. Why UrSafe? This app lets you share your current location with your close ones to let them know where you are and if you have arrived safely.  What’s better is the function of voice activation of the SOS. This function comes in handy when you can’t reach your phone. You just have to say the safe words to trigger the SOS signal via voice activation. You can use it even if you feel uncomfortable using your phone in public. As soon as SOS is triggered, your saved contacts, nearby UrSafe users and emergency services are alerted as well as your location is shared with them. Another great function is that you can share high-quality audio and video in case you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or are passing through a sketchy area. This will help your close ones come to your aid if absolutely necessary.

This app can be useful for everyone. It is a family safety app, so encourage your family members to install this app and use it in the necessary situations. Not only that, this app can be a lot of help to delivery drivers who go to various places throughout the day. Another instance this app may come handy in is while traveling.

It is time that we practice caution and take care of ourselves as well as the ones around us. It is important that we make use of the technology available for us to the maximum.

Be safe!