Mini sex dolls and their advantages – What are they like?

Common sex dolls usually weigh around 40 kilograms and measure up to approximately 180 cm. Although they are absolutely perfect in all respects, they are not as portable as their mini versions. Wouldn’t it be great to have a virgin you can take with you on holiday?

As such, real sex doll simply have a charm that their users know well. For many of us they represent our inner ideas and desires, which are normally difficult to fulfil. They are silent companions on which we can enjoy ourselves as we need and do not have to suffer any internal remorse for unbelief.

Their spell is simply strong, but until relatively recently it has been a problem to carry this distinctive spell with them. Now it’s no longer a problem! Today we can take full advantage of small mini versions of real sex doll, which are also cuter. What makes them different from their big sisters?

Mini versions can pleasantly surprise

Perhaps one of the main aspects that the mini version user will notice is their low weight, which is depending on the size of 5 to 20 kilograms. Such a virgin can easily be carried in a suitcase. A small doll weighs around those 5 kilograms, but has a full range of sexual use as a classic large real sex doll. In the mini version of the real sex doll, in addition to everything, the size of the vagina is fully adjustable according to the leg position. You can choose from a really wide range of size, body type and weight for our full satisfaction. Really interesting, isn’t it? It is an ingenious way to preserve all the benefits of the big sisters and get the possibility of transfer.

And the benefits of small sex dolls don’t stop there.

Why buy a mini sex doll?

  • They are lighter.
  • They’re smaller.
  • They’re more portable.
  • Travel with mini dolls / dolls.
  • They hide much easier.
  • Easily set up sexual positions.
  • Lower price.
  • Less maintenance.