Mini Metro

There are so many ways that we can spend our leisure time. Some like to spend their leisure by watching movies and TV series. And some like to spend their leisure time by playing a game. I belong to the second category and I am interested in searching for new games. Most recently I found a wonderful game to play. That is “Mini Metro”. The game is really fun and I am really enjoying it.

The game Mini Metro is available in your android.  You can play the game anywhere anytime. The game is developed on making a subway map for a city which keeps growing. Here you have to plan and design the city. The game gives you the opportunity to connect two stations by drawing lines and then you can allow your train to run between the stations. It seems the playing of the game is very easy. Because you have to connect the dots and have to make a path. But in my view, I think we need some brains to keep playing. You have to allocate your resources efficiently for the places they needed most. There you have to be very wise. Because sometimes you have to connect stations on either side of a river, bay, etc. So, I think playing this game will help improve your brain cells also. Surely it will help to develop your planning skills. Therefore, try playing this wonderful game Mini Metro.

In here you have to take your passengers to their respective destinations and along the path you meet with rivers, intersection points and also new stations.

The game consists of two levels and by playing a normal, easy level you can score more points. The extreme levels are somewhat hard to play, but I am pretty sure that you will love these extreme levels also. At the beginning you have to start with some few stations and when you proceed through the game more stations will appear. Oh I love the colorfulness of these pathways. They are very colorful and bright. One color for one track. The stations are represented by simple geometric shapes and the interface of the game resembles a transit map.

The game offers you about 13 different levels and about 11 real cities. Every level in this game offers you with a new interesting experience. You will not get bored when you are playing this game.

When you are playing more and more the game offers you with some upgrades and with those upgrades which offers you with a new train car, or anything from the options extra track, extra interchange or an extra carriage.

How to install Mini Metro APK

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