A gaming monitor is a screen or a monitor of different sizes and features for performing well in gaming. You can get cheaper gaming monitors at as lower as 89.99 USD of HP pavilion as well as expensive Asus Rog Swift at 1177 USD. However, some gamers emphasize on best and expensive gaming monitor for not to miss the fun of advanced and sophisticated features whereas some say it is a waste of money. In order to solve this controversy, you need to get into the root of the controversy through understanding the basics of screen technology.

To begin with, digging into the different characteristics of a gaming monitor, let’s take the screen size of the gaming monitor. Given an opportunity, everybody or every gamer will definitely wish to play on a screen relatively close to his or her face. In this context, a 32” screen size of the gaming monitor is actually not a need, rather a 20” screen size is more than enough as per the gamers who say it may be waste of money. However, this opinion may be based on the gamers who justify gaming in less expensive as well as cheaper versions of gaming monitors but does not underestimate or ignore the opinion of the gamers who have passions for gaming in sophisticated gaming monitors with advanced features.

 The basic characteristics of a gaming monitor are usually judged by two fundamental functionalities, the refresh rate and response time. The refresh rate of a gaming monitor is how quickly it draws the pictures or images in the screen, and the response time is the capability of pixels to change the colours or how quickly the pixels can change the colour. Both the refresh rate as well as response time are linked to each other and most important factors in a gaming monitor. If you have a gaming monitor which has a low refresh rate and slow response time, the monitor will never be able to be adequately equipped with the required action and the ultimate result will be a blur.

An average refresh rate of an ideally good performing gaming monitor depends on thefts or frames per second of playing, in other words, if you are playing at a minimum of 60 fits, you essentially need at least 60 Hz minimum refresh rate and 16 milliseconds of response time to display each frame. This refresh rate and response time will ensure the gaming action appropriate and eventually determine your gaming monitor perfect for your gaming.