Mental Health: Keeping Your Children Safe From Threats Other Than Infection

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust families into a unique situation. Schools are closed in favour of online learning platforms. People are encouraged to stay indoors, especially kids. The strict health protocols and the curious nature of the virus itself spared children from the worst of the infection. But to say that they are safe is far from accurate as one important question remains: How is their mental health?

The virus has affected everyone in the world. However, it may have a more significant and long-term impact on the children’s psyche. If you’re among the many parents who do not know how to deal with this unfamiliar situation, it might be better to enlist the help of specialists like the Grewal Center.

How is the Effect of the Pandemic Different on Children?

Childhood is the stage where a person’s habits and behaviours are formed, creating the core of their personality well into adulthood. The pandemic has not only disrupted the childhood of millions of kids all over the world; it has virtually shattered it. 

Instead of happy memories playing with other kids at school, they will look back at a time when lessons are learned at home, remote and isolated. Years from now, images of their parents stressed and anxious over losing their jobs or worrying about infection will remain with them. 

If the current situation is to drag on much longer, so will the lingering effects that will potentially haunt today’s kids when they grow into adulthood. As parents, you could not help but wonder how much more their young minds can take. More importantly, you are also thinking about how you can help them. 

Call in the Professionals

With the unfamiliarity of the situation, we are all in; it is important to seek the advice of experts. Specialists like those from Grewal Center can help your kids make sense of all the mess around them. They have years of training and experience in dealing with various psychiatric issues such as anxiety and depression.  

Using integrative functional methods, they can help you guide your kids on the path towards better mental health. Although the pandemic is an unprecedented phenomenon with very little to no previous events for practical reference, their principle-based approach is still applicable. They understand that each child has unique needs that need a personalised treatment plan for optimal results.  

With the strict measures they have taken in their clinics, you can now schedule an in-person consultation. But if you are still apprehensive about taking your child outdoors longer than you absolutely have to, you can go with their telemedicine services. Schedule an appointment remotely via email or with a simple phone call.

The Time to Act is Now

Eventually, the COVID-19 pandemic will take its place in history. Scientists will find the cure soon, and people will learn to move on. However, this would not mean the end of the virus. Its effects will remain in the minds of children whose lives were altered forever. What this means exactly remains to be seen. 

If there is anything that can be done to alleviate the long-term impact of the pandemic, the time to do it is now. Facilities like the Grewal Center are more than willing to help.