Your feet help you stand all day long. To do this, different muscles need to work together to keep you moving. Since the legs do not have a second heart, the pumping action of the blood flowing back into the heart is left to the contraction of the muscles. Therefore, the more you run, the more your calf, for example, pumps blood upwards. 

Leg massage from 스웨디시 can relieve muscle soreness and tiredness. The effect depends on the pressure applied. Light pressure can be more relaxing. Strong pressure reduces tension and pain in your muscles. The most common causes of leg pain are exercise injuries, excessively active walking, exercise,  or accidents. These affect blood vessels, nerves, muscles, joints, soft tissues, or bones. In addition to the actual pain, you may have cramps, numbness, weakness, burning, or throbbing.


 Deep tissue massage is one of the best ways to relieve lower limb pain. It relieves tension throughout the legs and promotes blood circulation. The leg massage begins with a small stroke of the ankle that stretches and decelerates toward the ankle. Move your knee slowly in a circular motion. The circular movement spreads and reaches behind the knee. 

 Regular leg massage can improve posture adjustment. Some studies have shown that regular leg, hip, and hip massage can improve postural dislocation and relieve symptomatic chronic pain.  Few people can deny the immediate effect of foot massage, which is not limited to that area of ​​the foot. Relax your whole body and mind with a foot massage. 

 If you sit for a long time, this pumping effect will be impaired. Over time, this puts a strain on the health of your veins and your circulation. Also, if you keep standing because you need to pump blood against gravity and pressure, some blood vessels can be damaged. 

 Muscle tension, usually associated with chronic pain, can be relieved by deep tissue massage as it can relieve painful tension in the tissue. If you are a smoker and have a diet high in processed carbohydrates, sugar, and bad fats,  your blood pressure and cholesterol may be high. These work against you, causing serious damage to the blood vessels in your lower extremities and can make your heart more difficult. While leg massage has many benefits, it’s important to keep changing your lifestyle. 

The lymphatic system returns excess fluid to the circulatory system (returns to the heart). In theory, lymphatic massage may help improve certain circulatory aspects of cells of the immune system. It also affects the circulatory system, so it is imperative to see a doctor if you have an underlying health condition. Massage also helps to improve tension and increase the general flexibility of the muscles that provide support and stability to the affected knee.