When elegance and design are a part of your life, inviting a baby into your family is an exciting and challenging task. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there are many ways to babyproof your home without giving up style. Here’s what you can do:

The Considerations

1. Safety wraps for cords – When you welcome a child to your home, people usually opt out of blinds and go for curtains since the long cord is a safety hazard for kids. However, curtains can’t match the minimal and clean look of blinds. A great solution to the problem is installing safety wraps for the cords of your blinds. Safety wraps can be installed beside your windows and the cord loops around it to stay away from the reach of children.

2. Soft corner bumpers – Corners can be sharp. Even if they aren’t sharp, they can hurt a lot, especially for kids. If you opt for round tables to fix the issue, you end up with inefficient use of space and a lack of modern design. Instead, install silicone bumpers at the corners of your coffee table, dining table, and other furniture. They are soft and absorb a lot of shocks. Opt for the bumpers that are made from food-grade silicone. SO, even if your kid decides to take a bite out of the corner, he or she wouldn’t be at risk. Moreover, silicone bumpers are versatile and come in all sorts of colors. You can choose one that matches your furniture and maintain the pristine look of expensive furniture in your home.

3. Mesh baby gates – Baby gates are necessary for a home with children. However, most of them look ugly and don’t match the aesthetics of your home. Munchkin makes mesh baby gates that can be installed on the stairway. They have a steel frame that is rounded to avoid any sharp edges and the mesh is also strong, yet soft. Moreover, many color options can match the aesthetics of your home. If you don’t get a color that matches your style, you can easily spray paint it.

4. Self-closing outlet covers – You don’t need to force yourself to cover the outlets with an ugly piece of plastic enclosure every time you use it to charge some device or use an appliance. It’s bothersome, hectic, and looks like such an odd piece on the wall. However, you do it for the safety of your children. You don’t need to put up with that inconvenience anymore when you install self-closing outlets in your home. Self-closing outlets close the metal contact points as soon as you remove the plug. So, your little ones won’t get shocked due to their curiosity. It also maintains the awesome look of your home and protects you when you touch the outlet accidentally with wet hands.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use these methods to babyproof your home and maintain a stylish interior. There’s no reason for ruining the great look of your home when you can ensure the safety of your children with innovative solutions.