Making the Most from Real Estate

Although some investments promise the chance of big returns in a short time, others need a longer time to mature and bear fruit. This is how results are consolidated, which helps to build equity.

An example of a time dependent asset is investing in shares. When buying papers from a business, it must be kept in mind that it takes time for positive performance to be consolidated. So, the potential for return appears mainly in the long term as the company continues to expand.

Just look at the trajectory of some of the biggest investors in the world who make fortunes on the stock exchange. In order to achieve their results, they took time to mature in their long-term strategies.

Let Time Work for You

Compound interest is largely responsible for the success of investments. In the case of investments in shares, their value is tied to the performance of the real economy. In practice, they favour the accumulation of equity and are enhanced by two factors: amount and time.

To summarise, the more you invest, the more you have the chance to accumulate. In addition, the longer the time period of ownership, the greater are the effects of profitability. Longer periods of investment naturally yield higher returns.

Monetize your Portfolio

In addition to understanding the issue of building equity, it is necessary to consider portfolio profitability. At certain times, the conditions presented may not be so interesting for certain investments.

This is the case when the rate is falling (reaching 2% per year in 2020, for example). In this scenario, fixed income has a reduced return, especially on shorter-term securities. Therefore, if the objective is to make the portfolio more profitable, it is interesting to look for alternatives with longer terms.

What Is the Best Long-Term Investment Option?

So far, you have discovered the importance of investments and seen what the impacts of long-term choices are. Now it is necessary to understand how to build your portfolio, while considering including such alternatives.

As there are several possible paths, you need to consider your goals and your investor profile. Only then it is possible to understand what the expectation is in terms of security, yield and even liquidity.

Knowing what the risk profile is also helps to assess your tolerance for volatility. Investors should strive to understand, for example, whether it is better to choose fixed or variable income.

After doing the analysis, you will be able to know some alternatives of long-term investments that usually appear in different portfolios.

Be sure to do a lot of research on each investment that interests you. And remember that the proportion of money allocation must be defined based on your personal characteristics, in order to create a portfolio in line with your profile.


Long-term investments can help you build a more robust portfolio, with a focus on the future and even greater potential for profitability. However, before choosing them be sure to analyze their profile and goals to make smart investment decisions. This guide is a good place to begin your research; so be sure to visit for more information. A well-read investor is one sure to succeed!