Make it Good with Wood: How Mirror Frame Tones Affect Your Space

When it comes to classic style, you simply can’t go wrong with a wood frame mirror whether it’s your dining room, bathroom, or living space. These gorgeous mirrors bring a richness to your home that’s like no other. The finish or color you select can play a huge role in determining how a specific room looks and feels. Read on to explore a few examples of popular wood tones for mirrors that will help you choose the perfect one for your home.

Bold Finishes Bring the Drama

If you want your wood frame mirror to add a dramatic element to a room, choose something completed in a rich, deep finish. A warm espresso will add a classic element to your home while adding a visually striking element no matter where you decide to hang it. Other examples of dramatic wood finishes include classic walnut and cherry. With a hint of deep red, a cherry finish around your mirror will bring a welcoming accent to any space. These darker tones are beautiful in any style home ranging from a classic cabin in the woods to a contemporary condominium. They look especially striking when hung on a white wall or in rooms with tall ceilings.

Get Trendy with Rustic Wood Finishes for Your Mirror

You really can’t go wrong if you want to decorate your home in the trendy farmhouse style. This classic design is making a huge comeback, and it’s the perfect way to bring versatility to any space. The beauty of these colors is that they play well off almost any other color scheme. Try something accented in a French white oak finish to give your home a healthy dose of shabby chic appeal. Another popular wood finish is gray. Look for grays in a weathered finish that add a bit of a distressed, reclaimed vibe to the room. Anything with a weathered finish is perfect to create a rustic, farmhouse look.

Keep it Clean and Classic

Your mirror adds style to any room of your home, but it’s also there to serve a function. If you prefer to keep things simple, try a frame finished in a classic, versatile hue. Walnut and oak are both classic colors that bring just a touch of warmth to your favorite spaces. You can also choose an unfinished wood frame for your mirror so that it’s more natural and classic. A simple white frame is another excellent example of a mirror that adds just the right amount of pop without becoming too overwhelming. Anything that has a natural wood tone is also a great option if you’re just looking for something that’s traditional and versatile. No matter which style of finish you choose for your wood-framed mirror, it will help to make your house look and feel like a home.