LED Lighting And Color Psychology

Interior designers carefully choose the colors of the walls of the house or furniture but often neglect the lighting tones.

However, colors and lighting significantly influence our daily well-being: it is, therefore, interesting to know the different emotions that they can cause to create ideal atmospheres.

The LED Strip Light Distribution offer a wide range of colors, which allows us to customize the lighting tone of each room easily.

We can first divide the colors between “cold” or “hot.”

The warm colors (red, orange, yellow) recall the colors of the sunset at the beach and those of the leaves of the trees in autumn. They transmit passion, positive energy, enthusiasm, and happiness.

On the contrary, the cold colors (green, blue, purple) evoke the depth of the ocean, a solitary walk, and transmit sensations of relaxation, discretion, and professionalism.

The Effects Of Colors On Human Psychology:


Red is an exciting color, used by decorators to stimulate the senses. Red is also associated with anger and can irritate the most sensitive people. Red light promotes the skin, which is why it is used to create a sensual atmosphere. Red, associated with gold, indicates wealth.


 The pink lighting is feminine, warm, and delicate. Used in small doses, it adds space to freshness, energy, and glamor, which is why it is a color traditionally used in bedrooms.


 Aimable and accessible, orange is the color of happiness and innovation. Some tones are associated with the change of season: using the orange light, we create energy without the overwhelming effects of red.


Optimistic and brave, yellow activates the memory and stimulates the nervous system. The lightest tones are especially associated with happiness, sun, energy, and hospitality.

Yellow LED lights promote creativity and communication. That’s why it’s a good option for offices and workspaces. This warm color is traditionally used for kitchens and bedrooms.


Green is a neutral color that is associated with nature; it produces a cool effect on the senses. The green color affects balance and harmony stability. Used in a dining room, living room, and office to convey wealth, stability, and renovation.