Johnny Depp’s Island’s Lack of Plumbing

According to Vanity Fair, Johnny Depp was a tourist in 2004 and went on a shopping spree for islands to purchase. Joel Mandel, Johnny Depp’s advisor at the time, advised Johnny Depp not to buy “Little Hall’s Pond Cay,” a chain consisting of four uninhabited islands located 60 miles southeast of Nassau. But, Johnny Depp took a chance and bought the uninhabited islands.

The island was home to six beautiful beaches but had no sewage system. No running water. No plumbing at all or electricity. Mandel was focused on “the exorbitant cost of creating infrastructure”, while Johnny Depp was focused on a cozy getaway for his wife, now ex-wife, Amber Heard, and their family. According to Vanity Fair, the islands were listed for $3.6 million, but Mandel negotiated a price reduction to $3.2 million.

You may think, “Johnny Depp has the money. He can pay for plumbing and electricity!” But here at All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air we know creating a plumbing system on an inhibited island is costly & much more difficult the Johnny Depp made it sound. What seemed like a great idea at the time, turned out to be an expensive expense.

Let’s explain the three stages of installing a new sewage system:

The 3 stages in new plumbing installation

How do you install new plumbing in your house? These are the three stages of a successful pipe installation.

You will need plumbing if you are building a home or other type of property. There are several steps that must be completed before you can move on to the next stage of construction or renovation.

This article will discuss the various stages of plumbing in new or renovated homes, as well as basement construction. The installation of a home plumbing system is not done in one go. It must be completed over three stages.

Underground rough-in phase

Aboveground roughing-in phase (top out or stack-out).

The final phase (Trim-out, trim finish).

What is the fourth phase in plumbing projects? Service and maintenance.

What is the Underground Rough-in Phase?

There are two main points in new home construction when groundwork can be completed: After the basement walls have been poured, it is possible to install the groundwork, inspect it, and then bury it. The rest of the rough-in plumbing should be used at the same time. (This would be a good idea to confirm with the city.

A contractor will locate all connections to the building system and public utilities during the underground rough-in phase and determine where they will enter and leave the building. All drains will be connected to the main service. Basement bathrooms will also need to be installed here. The main water line from the service will also need to be brought to the location where the meter will be installed.

What is the Aboveground Rough-in Phase?

As we mentioned, rough-in plumbing can be part of the groundwork stage. This is not always true. You will need to set up all your drains, vent pipes, and water lines at this point. Also, you will need to install any bathtubs, showers, or shower bases you have in your home. You will need to do this regardless of whether your home is new, renovated, or in a basement.

A contractor is needed during the aboveground roughing-in phase.

To attach pipes to fixtures, cut holes in the wall, ceiling, or floor.

Install the pipe to supply the building’s various waste and supply systems

To join pipes, use welding tools or soldering equipment.

Power threading machines, propane torchers, and other power tools.

All of your gas lines must be installed before drywall can go up. This is part of the rough-in plumbing stage. However, if the contractor doesn’t have a gas ticket, it can be left to another contractor. Before you close the walls, make sure that the contractor is tested.

What is the Finishing Phase?

The contractor will install fixtures like sinks, showers, and toilet appliances, such as dishwashers and water purification systems, in the final phase. The contractor will also hook up gas appliances and fireplaces, as well as install the water heater.

After every fixture is installed, your contractor (Kramer Plumbing or Radiant Heat) should inspect for any leaks. A contractor might also be called upon to install the controls that regulate the pressure pipe system.

A side note. You will install a claw foot tub, or freestanding tub in the final stage and not the rough-in stage. Showers that are slid in place will have the same rule.

Service And Maintenance

No matter how well a plumbing system has been installed, it should be maintained and repaired regularly. Even though it is the fourth phase in plumbing projects, maintenance and service can be considered.

As part of maintenance and service, contractors can perform many tasks. The following tasks are included in the service and maintenance of a contractor:

Test gauges, meters, and pumps for lubrication

Fixtures and components that are not working properly can be repaired

Verification of the operating system

Controlling the flow and usage rate

Although plumbing work can seem daunting, it is possible to create the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams with the right contractor.

We are happy to assist you with your next home construction, renovation, service call, or basement development. To better serve our clients in the Salt Lake area, we offer 24-hour white-glove service!

The moral of the story is, sure, Johnny Depp has money to buy anything he wants including the plumbing for his islands but no contractor wants to go through hell and back in order to create a functioning sewage system on an uninhabited island. That’s unrealistic and unless you’re planning on running your island like a business, All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air highly advise you to NOT be like Johnny Depp. Listen to your advisors. Don’t buy the island.

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