Information about Code Quality Tool

A software project is completed by team members. No individual can complete a software project. When a developer starts to write his code for a specific software project, he does not pay attention to the code quality at the starting of the project. Now, the concern is that how to improve the efficiency and code quality and how it should be the main factor for developers and other team members, system architects and project managers included that software project. For example, if a developer writes his code in Java programming language, then how will you improve the java code quality?

In the software development life cycle, code quality improvement is done by following a well-developed strategy which is the most important phase of the life cycle. It only depends on the time that when you will get problems in your code and how will you set your code quality associated with the rest of the code so that the software project runs effectively. It will be good for the software development team if they check the code quality before handing it to the customers. 

Several companies are providing a code quality tool. This tool is offered freely for many companies while some companies have its only paid version. It is your choice what type of code quality tool you need. Such type of tool is working best as it is composed of many algorithms and the latest technologies. Such a tool not only helps you to improve the quality of the code but also increases the productivity of a software project. 

  • JSHint – JSHint is one most famous code quality tool which a user can easily download from the website. After checking your code into the tool, you will get technical information, metrics, and other error-related information on your screen. This JSHint tool is used by top-rated companies such as RedHat, Mozilla, jQuery, and many more. 
  • Klocwork – Klocwork is a development environment tool that is used as an external tool. All most used IDEs are integrated with this tool such as Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and Microsoft Visual Studio. It means you will get all Klocwork features into your IDE. 
  • Code Climate – Code climate is a self-hosted platform that is used for checking code quality, test coverage, duplication, security, style, complexity, and more. If any developer is interested to use the code climate tool, then he or she can use it for a month without paying any money. One of the best features of code climate is that it also works with GitHub.
  • Codacy – Last code quality tool on our list is Codacy. This tool is free to use that checks errors and problems in your code by itself. You will get all reports on the dashboard like a place.