Everybody will probably agree that customer satisfaction is crucial for any business. This is what drives any industry unless you have a monopoly. In monopolies, customers have no choice but to stay with you if they need your product or service. If there is competition, bad customer experiences can lead to fewer customers and less revenue. There is something that business owners can do to improve customer interaction in their establishments – online customer service training

According to an inquiry by Ernst and Young, Australian service providers are losing $720 for every bad customer experience. That translates to $40 billion that customers chose to spend on a direct competitor. For a business, losing $720 because of a customer getting a negative impression of your company is just too much.

Customer service cannot be simply defined. It comprises many areas and can only be improved by addressing all of them. Some of the key things that can be done are understanding the customer, communicating effectively, being professional, and going the extra mile. These areas are vital to good customer experience.

Understanding the Customer

Your first contact with a customer must be pleasant and accommodating. Some people might say smiling and greeting them is passé, but it is truly one of the most effective ways to start a conversation positively. Fix that smile on your face, cheerfully greet them, and keep that up no matter what happens.

 The next step is understanding what the customer needs. Stop everything that you are doing and focus your attention on what they have to say. Believe it or not, customers can sense when you are not paying attention. If they think that you are distracted with other things other than their concern, the opportunity for them to have a good experience has already been lost, with no way to get it back.

Communicating Effectively

The tone, volume, and inflection are essential in maintaining good communication. Remember that communication goes both ways – speaking and listening. Listen to what the customers need and respond accordingly, even when they are upset. Speak calmly and pleasantly, making them feel that you understand their concern, and you will work with them to find a solution.

Being Professional

No business has survived without offering a product or service to the public. That is how a business works. Some people forget that professionalism is easy to achieve. Making the customers feel valued is part of every employee, manager, and owner’s job. Using your phone, chatting with other employees, or smoking during work hours is not a sign of professionalism. Do your job correctly, and professionalism will take care of itself. Handling complaints is included here. Treat customers fairly, and everything will be fine. Of course, online customer service training is not just for employees. It can be very useful for managers and business owners too.

Going the Extra Mile

Offering customers more service than they needed can save a bad situation sometimes. Even when the customers were not satisfied with their experience, going the extra mile can still salvage the situation. They are not insensitive. If they truly felt that you tried your best, but you could not give them what they wanted, they would appreciate your efforts and still leave with a positive experience.

Providing better customer service is not just the responsibility of the employees; it is something that everyone should be focused on – from top managers to bottom sales reps.