How to Roll a Joint Without a Filter

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Whether you’re a newbie or you’re a lifelong smoker, rolling a joint can be tricky business sometimes. Finding that balance between too tight and too loose, getting the perfect size cherry, and fitting it all together can be a challenge.

Then there’s the filter, which can be the most finicky part of rolling a joint!

But there are other ways to roll a joint. Check out this guide on how to roll a joint without a filter.

Gather Your Roll-Up Supplies

To roll a joint without a filter, you’ll need to gather the proper roll-up supplies. You’ll need to buy bulk rolling papers and a pocket-sized grinder. 

You will also need a pack of your favorite herbs or tobacco and a cardboard or zig-zag rolling cradle. Then, you need to grab a lighter or some matches. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Rolling a joint without a filter may seem tricky, but it’s a handy skill to have when smoking with friends. There are step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Begin by grinding up the cannabis to achieve small, even pieces. Take one of the rolling papers, and place a small amount of cannabis in the center of the paper.

Form the cannabis into a cylindrical shape while folding and creasing the rolling paper edges. Re-adjust the cannabis to make sure it is evenly distributed and tightly packed.

Lick one of the open edges of the paper. Then, slowly begin to roll it until the joint is completely wrapped. When finished, your joint should have a cone-like shape without the need for a filter. After that, light it up and enjoy!

Alternate Rolling Methods

Rolling a joint without a filter can be achieved in several ways. But two main alternative methods are most commonly used.

The first is the “twist and tuck” method, which involves rolling the joint until it is quite tight. Then, instead of inserting a filter, you twist one end of the joint and tuck the excess paper back down into the joint.

The second is the “accordion fold” method. This involves folding the paper back and forth at a 90-degree angle until the filter end is tight. At this point, you can either insert the filters or simply tuck the protruding paper down into the joint.

Both of these methods are relatively quick and easy ways of rolling a joint without the need for a joint filter.

Learn How to Roll a Joint Without a Filter Today

Learning how to roll a joint without a filter needs practice and attention to detail. When done right, the joint will stay lit without any fuss. So try rolling a few without a filter a few times.

Soon enough, you’ll be rolling great joints in no time. So grab some rolling papers and get rolling!

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