How To Preserve Your Delicate Fabrics


 Delicate fabrics refer to light-weighted materials such as laces, silk, cashmere, nylon, linen, and crocheted or knitted fabrics. Also, undergarments like bra and clothes that are special to you, such as your luck suit and wedding gown, can be termed delicate. They are referred to as delicate because their fabrics are soft and susceptible to fade, and wear and tear. Recently, hydrophobic spray for clothes is becoming the first choice for people to preserve their delicate fabrics and keep them in top shape. 

  • Use a Hydrophobic Spray: Hydrophobic spray for clothes is water and oil resistant, so liquid rolls off any coated fabric. It protects the fabric from spills, stains, or dirt. Remember that outfit you have been afraid to wear? A hydrophobic spray can protect your favorite outfit from stains and keep it looking new for a long time. Nasiol hydrophobic spray for clothes even boasts the durability of 15 washes!
  • Avoid Frequent Washing: Washing your delicate fabrics frequently will only result in either fading colors or, worse, a torn garment.  If clothes are not noticeably dirty, you can hang them in the sun to dry out. It’s advisable to wear your delicate fabrics twice or thrice before you have to wash them.
  • Wash Your Delicate Fabrics Separately: Your delicate fabrics should be treated with care and washed separately from other fabrics. Separating them by colors and types will prevent ruining or tearing them.
  • Use the Right Settings: The right machine setting is vital to preserving your delicate fabrics. “Normal cycle may work for other fabrics, but “delicate” is recommended for fabrics you want to take extra care with. Keep the temperature low as you wash, and be sure to check the clothing tag to know the right setting to be used. It’s not advisable to use a dryer; adjust the settings if you must.
  • Store Delicate Fabric Properly: Delicate fabrics should not be stuffed in storage. The fabrics should be stored in a dry area and well-ventilated area, away from the sun or humidity. Ditch your metal hangers and use a padded one.


There is no hard or fast rule here; the important thing is to note that washing can be hard on your delicate fabrics, but the right washing conditions won’t hurt. Like most people, you can use a hydrophobic spray for clothes to protect and preserve your delicate and favorite fabrics.