COVID 19 has brought about changes in our day to day lives that we never thought would happen. Our lives can clearly be divided into COVID and non-COVID World. With social distancing becoming the new norm and everything moving into an eventual lockdown, lead to everything moving to a virtual platform. Consultations for procedures have moved online and are now being carried over video call. If you had been considering undergoing Rhinoplasty Toronto in the non-COVID world, then you don’t need to worry as you can book an e-consultation with your surgeon.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty popularly also known as the nose job is a procedure which is carried out on the nose as the name suggests for two main reasons, difficult or damaged airways and aesthetic purposes. The word ‘Rhino’ is derived from a Greek word, ‘Rhin’ which means nose or nasal. A deviated septum usually causes difficulty in breathing. It blocks the airflow which causes a lack of oxygen supply to the bloodstream, which in turn causes snoring and sometimes even low self-esteem. A deviated septum also makes the nose crooked. Undergoing the procedure can help to straighten the septum and restore normal airflow.

How does rhinoplasty work?

Rhinoplasty works by changing the profile of your nose which is done so by removing the humps or building up depressions on the bridge and change the nasal tip which may be hooked, turned up or bulbous. The procedure changes the position or size of nostrils and width of the nose. It also makes the noose to be proportional to other features.

Are you an ideal candidate for the procedure?

To undergo any surgical procedure there are certain criterions that need to be met. You need to be in optimal health condition. During the consultation the surgeon will discuss your medical history, it is crucial that you are honest with them about it as it will help to deal with possible complications. You should be in the position to carry out the pre and post surgical instructions that will be shared with you. While you are in the consultation procedure and the surgeon is determining whether you are an ideal candidate or not, it is crucial that you discuss your aesthetic goals and expectations with them. It will not help you to be mentally prepared as to what to expect but also will help to build trust and understanding with the surgeon.

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