How to Play and Win at Capsa Online

Let’s talk about online capsa in casinos. Capsa Susun may be a little different from what you usually know about a game that has the word “poker” in its name. First of all, the game does not use chips because there is no money or stakes. Though of course, it happens to be always possible to bet on whether a particular player will win or not. In this how to play poker article, we will cover details on how to play Capsa Susun as well as general Capsa Susun tips to help you improve.

Where to play Capsa Susun?

There are many trusted online capsa gambling sites that offer Capsa Susun in their product portfolios. The best of them is W88. This site offers online capsa susun gambling, a great playing environment, super bonuses and operates in Indonesia. It is 100% recommended!

List of gambling sites that offer real money online Capsa

Here are some capsa online gambling sites where you can play Capsa Online with real money:

  • Dafabet
  • Bet365
  • W88

How to Play Capsa Susun

The first thing to remember for those familiar with other forms of poker is that Capsa Susun uses the same hands for value calculations. This is a game for a maximum of four players and at the start of the game the entire deck of cards is dealt so that each player has 13 cards. If there are three players, the card still distributed to four people and hands four discarded and not used. In a game of two player, every single player obtains two hands, one for the present round and one for the next even though the player can only see the hands they are currently using.

After the cards are dealt, the player has to split them hooked on three smaller sub-hands containing of five cards, three cards and five cards. It should be organized into a poker hand and the lowest-ranking hand is the one that contains only three cards. Three-card hands can only consist of a high card, a pair or three of a kind.