How To Pee And Potty Train Your Puppy At Home

In this article we are going to tell you how you can train your puppy for pee and potty at home. If you got a puppy it will often happen your puppy will pee and poop a lot of times inside the house because he doesn’t know where he should do it he must be unaware of it unless you teach him. In this article you will learn, how to pee and potty train puppy during the day. To learn more in-depth information about Dog training or if you need dog walking services in San Francisco, California the best bet you have is to contact a professional Dog Services company like 360 Dog Walker. 

How to pee and potty train puppy during the day

Point #1

First of all what you have to do is to take your puppy outside for pee and potty. What will happen with this thing he will learn that peeing or potty in the house is not allowed but outside is allowed. During these situations you can take him out for pee and potty like after he wakes up, before sleep, after food, after exercise or play. When puppy wakes up within 5 minutes you take him outside to pee and potty because after he wakes up chances are pup has to pee. Whenever you are done playing with the pup take the pup out to pee although he peed like 1 hour ago. If he played or ran with you then take him out for pee as the chances are higher. Before bed like before sleeping in the night take him out to pee and potty and first thing in the morning after he wakes up take him again to pee and poop. If you take care of these points then accidents will reduce in the house.

Point #2 

Whenever you take him out to pee and poop take a kibble grain for him to praise and treat him after he pees or poop. Also remember this thing that when you take him to pee and poop take him a time because he is not going to pee and poop right away and this is acceptable but he will surely do it. During pee and poop just bore him like don’t let him play and eventually he will do it. And when he pees, praise him and give him treat of kibble grain. 

Point #3

If you are taking your pup out to pee or potty then make him pee or poop don’t play with him don’t talk to him. So that he learns it is potty break or pee break it’s not a play break. Else if you start playing with him after pee/potty then he will get confused that is it a pee/potty break or play break. Did I come out to pee/potty or to play? Whenever you go out with the pup to pee/potty don’t talk to him and don’t play with him.

Point #4

Stand bored. Whenever you go out with the pup to pee/potty you just stand quite and make him bored so that he will get to know that this time is only for pee/potty. Don’t involve in any activity with him because it can divert his attention from pee/poop towards playing and he might not pee there and then he might pee when you bring him in. It’s really frustrating that when you take him out he doesn’t pee/poop but pees/poop when you bring him in. If he is not peeing/pooping when outside then bring him inside within 2-3 minutes and within 5 minutes of bringing him in, go out again for him to try peeing/pooping again. 

Point #5

This is the most important point. This point actually changes our lives. If there is a pee/potty accident in the house then you should stop the pee/poop activity and start shouting “No”. Say this No word in a hard tone like puppy No, No. So that he will get to know “Oh no what have I done?” Pee and poop inside wasn’t allowed. Pick him up and take him outside instantly and make him try again when outside. Although he has already peed inside the house but you should make him try again to pee and poop outside. So that he realizes pee and potty outside is allowed but not in the house because I am being scolded upon when I do inside but I get praised when outside. Always give him treat for peeing and pooping outside in this way he will get trained and next time he won’t do it in the house.


Always remember that your puppy is just like a little kid. He doesn’t know that peeing and pooping inside is bad. You have to train him for that nicely. Aforementioned points are really helpful for potty and pee training.