How To Organize Your Storage and Warehouse Spaces

Whether you have a storage space or a warehouse for your company, organization is the key to finding what you need. There are three main ingredients to successfully organized storage, having a floorplan with an inventory list, correctly grouping and placing items, and cleaning or updating the space as needed.

Inventory and Floor Plan

Your first step is to take inventory and map out a floor plan. This will help you see what you have in terms of both square footage and items needing to be stored. It can also help you determine which types of racks to buy. For example, if you have long items or ones on pallets, then a cantilever racking system is a good investment; but, if you have a lot of small items or parts, then labeled bins on shelves would be easier. Be sure to take the height of the space into account because going higher with your shelves will give you more room for inventory but going too high for the doorways can make installation and movement difficult.

Grouping and Placement

Grouping like items together, labeling the racks and bins and placing the most frequently used things closest to the entrance will make finding everything easier, especially if the placement is listed on your floorplan. Taking movement into consideration when planning placement is important because you would not want to have bulky items or pallets on rows too narrow for a forklift or hand-truck to safely get to them. It is also important to store the heaviest items on the bottoms of the racks, so they are less likely to topple. Some racking companies can help you design a system with a variety of racks to best fit your needs.

Cleaning and Updating

Routinely cleaning your storage space or warehouse, as well as updating the floorplan when needed, are important parts of inventory maintenance. This will keep your items and employees safer as well as make it easier to see what you have. Reorganizing your warehouse every six months does not mean that you have to take everything out, just that you need to take inventory, make sure all of the racks and bins are clean and in good condition, and update your floorplan and labels.

The more organized your storage space and warehouses are, the better your company will function in terms of inventory management. This can keep seasonal items out of the way when they are not needed, help you find the items you need to fill orders quickly, and even address some key safety issues for the items, equipment and employees. You can find a variety of storage racks to build a system that fits your needs.