How to Look After Your Touring Caravan

Looking after your touring caravan can be difficult, especially if you’ve taken it on numerous trips around the world with you. However, it’s possible to keep your caravan always looking and feeling new, and this guide will go through some of the main steps that you can take to look after your touring caravan in 2022. 

Get Your Caravan Serviced


One of the top steps that you can take to look after a caravan that’s been on many different tours with you and your family is to get it serviced. Servicing your caravan is important as it means that any faults can be noticed and repaired before you take it on another strenuous trip. However, there isn’t just one way to service a caravan, and while others prefer to get their caravan serviced by a knowledgeable professional, others feel safer if they’ve carried out the service themselves. However, either option will help to prolong the lifespan of your caravan and ensure that you can travel with your caravan for many years to come. 

Ensure any Repairs are Carried out Swiftly

Once you have had your vehicle serviced, you may find that numerous faults with your caravan become apparent. Then, if this is the case, you should ensure that these repairs are completed quickly and before you take your caravan on another trip. If you ignore them, it’s likely that your caravan won’t be safe for you to travel in, and you may find that you break down or find yourself in a vehicle crash. 

Some of the most common issues with touring caravans include problems with the electrical system and lights, and the braking system, both of which are vital to being able to use your caravan safely. You should make sure that any issues brought up in the service are fixed in good time at a repair shop

Put it in Storage  

Many people choose not to go on road trips during the winter months because caravans can often be cold and the roads that they’d be traveling on may be dangerous. To prevent your caravan from being sat on your driveway for months on end, becoming scratched and damaged by the inclement weather conditions of the colder months, you should put your caravan into storage. Many people have garages where they can store the vehicle in question, but you can also hire the storage that you’ll need. You should also service your vehicle at both ends of the season to ensure that it’s in good condition. 

Give it a Paint Job

As well as checking that your caravan is in good shape internally, you should also try to care for the surface-level issues with your caravan, such as scratched paintwork and dented panels. Although these may have no bearing on your ability to drive it, they can make your caravan less attractive to look at, leave you dissatisfied with it, and perhaps reluctant to use it or get your money’s worth from it. You should make sure that you give your caravan a dash of paint and get any cosmetic issues repaired as soon as possible.