How to Hire a PR Agency? Guide for Startup Owners 

No organization or company can attain growth without positive media coverage. But, unfortunately, gaining positive media coverage is not easy nowadays. That’s why the startups are recommended to hire a PR agency for getting positive media coverage. You can buy the advertising slots on the TV channels, buy the banner spaces in the local areas or do the social media marketing by yourself. But the expertise of the PR agency will help you to attain positive results without any bad reputation. 

As the startup owners are new in the industry, they have no idea about most business operations processes. Hiring a PR agency is a tedious process, and the startup owners don’t have to take it lightly. The owners should take extreme precautions before hiring a PR agency to handle all the media relations and brand management projects. In this post, we are listing the detailed guide that will help you choose the best PR agency in the market to handle your startup’s Public Relations management campaigns. Follow this guide to get the best agency that will help you to achieve positive media coverage. 

How to Hire a PR Agency?

#1 – PR Goals 

The first step of hiring the PR agency is to define the PR goals for your business. What you need is the first question you should ask. For example, do you need positive media coverage? Do you want to promote the new products or services in the market? Or control the damage done by a bad step taken by the executives? Every PR agency excels in a different specialization. So, first, you should understand the PR goals and then shortlist the agencies accordingly. Choosing the agency that is not proficient in handling your PR goals might be a disastrous decision. 

#2 – Budget 

Finance is not the best side of most Startups unless you’ve received a staggering amount of funds from the investors. As startups are always low on funds, you should consider the budget one of the most important things before hiring a PR company. Defining the overall budget for the PR agency is essential to shortlist the best agencies in the market. As the top agencies charge a lot of money but provide the highest quality work, you should first check the agencies according to the budget. Then, you can ask for the project quotes from the companies and shortlist them after checking if they fit in your budget or not. It’s a pretty essential step. Otherwise, you might end up with a cheap or pretty expensive agency, which is not good for long-term ambitions. 

#3 – Experience 

You should not choose the PR agency if they are new in the market. Experience is a must for any PR agency, as you are giving them control of your brand image. The agency with the most experience will help you to achieve positive results. Also, such companies have the proven record, which will be beneficial for you to understand the credibility and the reliability of the agency. You can ask for the previous track record of the PR agency, check for the online reviews, and check with fellow startups and businesses for the reviews of the same. 


As the startup owners have no idea of the selection criteria for a PR agency, these core points will help them choose the best PR agency in the market. As a startup owner, you should religiously follow these three points before hiring a PR consultancy firm for your business promotions.