How to Enhance Your Bathroom Decor With the Art Deco Style


If you have a modernistic home interior designed according to the current trends, you should consider having some art Deco bathroom wall decals. Such type of interior design reflects the beauty of classic art Deco architecture. Some people find it difficult to imagine an antique or period design living in their bathroom. But there are many ways to get such an antique theme in your bathroom.

Art Deco is an artistic architectural style which began in France during the early 1920s. It includes a lot of rich, bright colors, intricate geometric patterns and richly detailed floral embellishments. Especially for bathroom interior design, wooden floors and wallpapers are usually not the best materials to use due to the damp environment. This can be changed with modern gold accents and fixtures.

One of the most common and popular modern art Deco styling is represented by the chrome finish on most modern vanity units. If you really want to have that traditional old-world charm in your bathroom, you can try decorating your mirrors with Louis Vogue Deco styling. There are also many other beautiful, antique mirrors like those with cut glass, mosaic glass or even gold leafed mirrors.

Another great interior design idea for your bathroom is the gold tone mirror. They give a very classy look and will complement the vast wall area in your bathroom. The mirror can also serve as a decorative feature on your wall. With modern wall sconces, it can provide you with ambient light when you need it most.

For flooring, you can use tiles made from ceramic or terrazzo. You may also choose to use ceramic tiles with art Deco style. To coordinate the tiles on the floor with the shower curtain, it is advisable to purchase shower curtain liners matching with the tile you choose. Tile is not only an elegant floor covering but it is practical as well. It is easy to clean and easy to maintain. If you do not have the time to clean up after yourself, you may contact professional tile cleaners who can do the job for you.

There are other ways of adding the charming deco bathroom faucets and fixtures to your interior design. One good choice is to install a pedestal sink featuring the classic art nouveau style. A pedestal sink is made of a glass bowl on which a basin sits. It has a hole in the middle of the bowl that allows you to place a nozzle attached to a tap. It is a very convenient fixture that allows you to wash your hands or have a shower without standing in the middle of the floor. pedestal sinks are often found in master baths along with a separate tub or vanity unit.

Other great option is the installation of floor tiles featuring the art Deco styling. These floor tiles come in assorted colors and styles and can be used as the basis for your bathroom interior design. Using these tiles in the bathroom not only enhances the appearance of the bathroom but also offers you a chance to express your creativity. By changing the color of the floor tiles and using geometric pattern on them, you will have an amazingly stylish bathroom that perfectly combines the sophisticated and modern look.

Other great decorating idea is to integrate the look of mosaic art in the bathroom. Mosaic tiles come in various designs that include stripes, checks, spots, chiseled and blended designs, plans and numerous others. Installing these tiles on the walls or in the floor is a smart way of decorating the bathroom. Mosaic art also comes in various sizes and shapes that can easily match the dimensions of the shower enclosures, vanities, vanity tops and other fixtures in the bathroom. If you want to get a stunning look in your bathroom, then why don’t you opt for a beautiful and stylish deco bathroom vanity, modern faucets, head and claw foot tubs, ceiling tiles and many more?