How To Clean Green Mountain Grill

If you use your grill more or less, it’s vital to keep your grill clean. But cleaning is so annoying thing to do. You will hardly find someone who loves cleaning everything. But when it is necessary enough, you have to do it even if it is boring.

Cleaning your Green Mountain Grill is vital for health because your leftover food from the last time on the grates will char and burn when this time while using the grill. Those burned residues have a terrible effect on our health.

Burned foods contain amino acids and other chemicals which can cause cancer. Not only that there are other terrible effects and I need a complete article to explain them. Now sure you never want to grill before cleaning it. Chill out.

Cleaning is not that hard of a job. And I can give you some instructions on how to clean them. But, an old grill can cause those same effects on your body. If your grill is old, then you have to buy a new one. Now, are you confused about which one to buy? Here are my Green Mountain Grills reviews to help you out with this.

Now let’s move on how to clean your a pellet grill of Green Mountain Grill:

  • Start with the lid. Use a putty knife to scrub off all the carbon and residue from the lid of your grill.
  • Then empty your grill. Remove all the movable components in your grill, including the grates, drip pan, and the deflector plate. And, remove all the gunk on them using a putty knife.
  • Now rub up everything. When I say everything; it means literally everything you can clean. Inside the barrel, rub the putty knife all the lips and edges of it. Make sure to clean the back of it where the chimney is attached and the drip tray. All of them have a lot of build-ups. Scrape them properly.
  • If your grill grates can break apart into small pieces, wash them in dishwater. And if your grill doesn’t have grates, you can put it in dishwater.
  • To clean the thermometer which is inside your grill, use a paper towel. And, precisely clean the grease chute. It is what connects the drip tray to the grease bucket.
  • After you have rubbed off all the gunk in your grill, now it’s time to grab a vacuum to suck out everything that you have worked hard to lose.
  • If the grill you are cleaning is stainless, then use a stainless steel wipe or spray to shine it. As an alternative, you can use a thin oil like vegetable oil to wipe down the exterior of your grill and make it look brand new.
  • Now, dry everything properly and reassemble all the parts.

It’s all you have to do to clean your Green Mountain grill. But, if you want sparkling clean then you have to do a little more.

How to clean grill grates

Cleaning Green Mountain grill grates are a bit crafty. But, I am here with some tips to help you clean the grill grates.

  • If your grill grates are possible to break apart, then put them in the dishwasher to get all the baked-on gunk off. But, if it does not come off in a small enough section to put it in the dishwasher, use a nylon scrub brush for cold grates, or balled up a tin foil for hot grates.
  • For those whose grates fit in the dishwasher, can wash through degreaser. And, for those who don’t fit, can use a spray degreaser to break down the build-up. You can also use a bathtub to clean your non-breakable grates.
  • Here is a tip for you. Avoid using water inside the smoker. Most of the components in a Green Mountain smoker can rush. So, don’t use water inside and use only when you remove the grates.
  • To save your grates for rushing, manufacturers use a protective coating. So, don’t use brushes with wire bristles to rub them. They damage the protective coating of the grill.

That’s all you have to do to clean your grill. I told you before we started, it is not that hard to clean a grill. You just need some time to spend with it. And, there come a thousand benefits with it. Moreover, it also affects the taste.

So, thinking about you and your family’s health, cleaning your grill is a little thing to do.