How To Celebrate the Holidays While Remembering Our Dearly Departed

Grieving and remembering a loved one who has passed away is a deeply personal process and practice. No matter how long since they have departed, people will still feel their absence. This is especially true during holidays. It can be difficult to celebrate a holiday when you still feel the pain of losing a beloved. Or even if you have already processed the death of a loved one, is it appropriate to celebrate a holiday when someone we know is newly departed?

It is still possible to celebrate a holiday respectfully while remembering a dearly departed—from using Memorial ornaments to making sure our departed loved ones are included in our celebration.

Acknowledge and remember

Perhaps the best way to remember and honor a departed loved one during a holiday celebration is by making sure they are part of whatever it is we do. For instance, if you have a formal dinner celebration for a holiday, take a moment to remember those who have passed away by saying a prayer for them. If they have only recently passed away, perhaps in short a brief moment of silence during your celebration in honor of them. Make sure you announce this to the guests, of course. Classy memorial ornaments in designs such as crosses and teardrops can also signal this intention as well.

Private and personal

If the passing of your loved one is still close to your heart, you don’t have to cancel your holiday celebration. However, you can opt to celebrate in a more subdued manner. Make the celebration more private. Invite those who knew your departed loved one; this way, it can be a holiday celebration and a commemoration of their memory at the same time. You can also prepare a small program or gesture in their honor, like lighting candles or putting up memorial ornaments, so you get to include them in your celebration in your own little way.

Celebrate their passion

Do what your beloved who has passed away loved doing during your celebration. If your loved one had a sweet tooth, perhaps include a spread of cakes and chocolate goodies in your parties (put memorial ornaments near the spread, so you can remember them properly). If your loved one enjoyed sports or physical activities, maybe you can go on an outdoor adventure during your next vacation.

Do what is appropriate

At the end of the day, there is no singular way to remember a beloved during the holidays. It all depends on what you find appropriate—and, of course, on what would give you comfort as well. Acknowledge that remembering the dead involves you and what would help you move on. Of course, make sure to research what may not be appropriate given the situation. For instance, other people may not be in the mood to celebrate, and you should respect that. In any case, small gestures such as using memorial ornaments or praying for the dead are just as good as big, elaborate remembrances.