For many people, building codes and expectations are annoying. Having to keep your property up to set standards can be a lot of work, but it is something that all property owners have to deal with. Here are two building codes and expectations that might be in effect in your area.


Fences are a great addition to almost any house. Fences provide extra privacy for you and your family, so many people decide to put up a fence for the cosmetic and functional benefits they provide. However, there are also circumstances when you are required to put up a fence. For example, in some places, if you have an in-ground pool installed in your yard, you are required to have a fence around the pool that meets a certain height requirement. There are companies for fence installation Lake County IL all over the country if you want to put up a fence for cosmetic or functional purposes.


Keeping your lawn and other plants under control and looking good is a requirement in some neighborhoods. For example, some local governments do not want plantlife overflowing onto the sidewalk and disrupting the walkways that people use every day, so they often require that any bushes, branches, or grasses be trimmed to be several inches away from the sidewalk. Height limits for bushes and shrubs are also common to ensure that you keep your plants trimmed at the top as well. Sometimes, you must also maintain manmade materials that prevent erosion and other harmful processes.

Taking proper care of your yard is important in many communities. Even if you find it difficult to consistently keep up with the seemingly strict policies that are enforced, you will be happier down the line as a proud member of your community with a beautiful home that fits well in the neighborhood.