How Christmas Lights and Decor Can Help Boost Sales This Holiday Season

Do Christmas lights and Christmas decor lead to a boost in sales for shop owners during the holiday season? The logical answer to this question is—a resounding yes!

According to research, as well as several anecdotal evidence, commercial establishments—from retail stores to even restaurants—experience an increase in their sales when they use Christmas lighting installation and holiday decors in general. You may say that this has something to do with the festival vibe of the decors that encourage people to visit your store and spend money. It is, after all, the holiday season, and people are more predisposed to spend money—it’s just a matter of further encouraging them. If you’re considering getting a Christmas light installer, there is no reason for you not to.

Attraction and morale

Chtistmas lights and decor could be an attraction in itself. If done correctly and beautifully, this decor might become a reason for people to visit your store. Seeing your store’s decor could become so much of a visual treat that potential customers would go out their way to see your store to feel the Christmas spirit.

More than that, Christmas lighting installation and decors generally give off a warm, festive, homey feel. It turns your establishment into a comfortable place that reminds people of the good things about the holidays. Of course, this could attract customers and help retain them—it’s a way of letting your clientele know that you care about them, in your own little but festive way.

Christmas decor does not only boost the interest of your customers; it can also boost the morale of your employees. It makes them feel, like your customers, comfortable and at home, allowing them to feel the holiday spirit even while working—thus affecting your sales positively.

How to make it work

Of course, Christmas lighting installation and decors work as come-ons to customers—but only if done properly. While it’s hard to go wrong with lights and decor, there are particular do’s and don’ts about it.

For instance, don’t just focus on the exterior of your establishment. Make sure that you also decor the interiors of your shop as well. Decorating only the outside of your store could make your potential customers feel shortchanged and your decorating effort lackluster.

When choosing a Christmas light installer, go for the usual holiday colors—you won’t go wrong with red and green! White lights don’t have much of an impact in terms of holiday decors. However, try not to go overboard as well. Do limit your colors so your decor won’t be too distracting; choosing two or three light colors should be enough.

Don’t limit yourself to lights as well. Use table props and big decor centerpieces to create a more attractive, cohesive look. A Christree tree adorned with Christmas lights never goes out of style, for instance. If your store has limited space, relying on well-placed decors coupled with red and green Christmas lights should do the trick and give your store that much-needed holiday spirit!

Jack Sylvester
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