Home remedies that help in removing ear wax 

Our ear canal produces ear wax, also known as cerumen. Ear wax prevents the dirt, dust, bacteria and viruses entrance into the ears. Therefore, wax production is a normal process. However, at some times, the buildup of earwax can be problematic and uncomfortable. It may also affect your hearing abilities. 

People who often use cotton and swabs to clean their ears, push the wax deeper into the ears, that can lead to ear blockage. Never use a hairpin or a key to clean your ears, as they may harm your ear, leading to permanent damage. If you feel blockage of your ears, you must visit a top ENT specialist in Lahore. Moreover, there are many over the counter medicines that help in removing earwax. You can also try some home remedies that will help you in removing earwax. In this article, we are going to explore the tips to remove earwax through home remedies. 


You can use a saltwater solution for removing earwax because it will help in softening it. Take a teaspoon of salt and mix it in lukewarm water. Mix the solution until the salt completely dissolves in water. Dip the cotton in the saline solution and instil it in your ear. 

Olive oil 

Olive oil has antioxidant and antiseptic properties. Moreover, it helps in removing ear wax by softening it. The antiseptic property of olive oil helps in the prevention of ear infections as well. Warm the olive oil and instil three to four drops into your ear through a dropper. Let the oil stay in your ear for at least ten minutes, so that it shows the efficient result.

A mixture of vinegar and rubbing alcohol 

It is one of the oldest remedies for ear wax removal. Mix rubbing alcohol and vinegar in equal quantities, and use that mixture for ear wax removal. Alcohol has a property to dry out, due to which it helps in drying out the earwax. Vinegar has an antiseptic property that helps in fighting against viruses and bacteria. The combination of these two ingredients makes it a perfect mix to remove earwax. Instil three to four drops of the solution with the help of a cotton ball. Let it stay in your ear for at least five minutes.

Warm water

Warm water will help in removing excess wax from the ear. You can do that by using a syringe filled warm water. Insert it gently into your ear. Make sure you use filtered clean water. Moreover, perform the procedure under the supervision of an expert or with the help of someone. Do not perform it alone by yourself. Also, do that in a quite delicate manner. If you would do it harshly, it can cause damage to your ear, leading to permanent hearing loss. 


Removing ear wax is a delicate procedure. Always consult with a healthcare provider if you feel uncomfortable sensation or blockage of the ear. All the above-mentioned things should be used with delicacy and a gentle hand. Make sure you do not hurt your ear because along with hearing functions, the ear is a delicate organ that helps in maintaining the balance. If you are suffering from ringing in the ear, or blockage of the ear, you must visit the best ENT specialist in Lahore