Health Is Wealth: 7 Habits To Adopt After A Health Screening Package

In Singapore, going to a sports medicine centre is one healthy practice for anyone who seeks to improve their overall well-being. On the contrary, it is not only for active individuals who frequently hit the gym or the park to run around. Sedentary people can also take a chance on changing their lifestyle into something healthier. Overall, doing such things can improve one’s living patterns, but they also fail to recognise the importance of doing their part.

Look beyond the four walls of the clinic when undergoing a health screening package, and you will realise how doing your part and adopting some habits reinvents your health. Here are some tips to follow after every session at the clinic.


  1. This habit may seem general for some and also irrelevant to getting a health screening package. However, being positive or in the right headspace benefits your physical health. Imagine the good feeling because you have a healthy weight or do not experience any pain and discomfort.
  2. Being positive is also about seeing the things you do and experience. For example, you feel hopeful when visiting asports injury specialist because you know these people will help you with whatever goal you want to achieve.
  3. When things fail or do not go your way, being positive helps you overcome these challenges. All you think about is being hopeful and wanting to bounce back.


  1. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you can use a journal or a tracker for your health. It can be just the simple list of feelings you had during the entire day, a fitness regimen you did or anything that pertains to your health. (Tip: You can also list what the sports injury specialist told you during the health screening package.)
  2. It does not have to be comprehensive because writing long lists or messages can be tiring for some people. Instead, focus on how you can remember what you felt during the day or the pain and discomfort you suddenly experienced one time.
  3. Lastly, make sure you have access to it 24/7. Put the diary inside your everyday bag or place the mobile application on a folder you see almost every time you open the phone. (Tip: Feel free to hide this from your sports injury specialist if you are not comfortable because they also record your health.)


  1. The problem with eating healthier is consistency can be a challenge. You might also experience the issue of inaccessibility because these options can be expensive and hard to find. However, it is still possible to adopt this diet aside from regularly doing a health screening package.
  2. In Singapore, visiting a sports medicine centre should be a habit if you are an active individual. Feel free to ask about the most appropriate diet for your lifestyle because your sports injury specialist knows about it.
  3. Do not feel guilty for slacking off or enjoying an entire day or week of eating unhealthy meals you like. Besides, one would probably go insane if they become obsessed with calorie counting or keeping their food products healthier. Balance is something you should always take into account.



  1. Being consistent with your exercise routines and workouts is rewarding. Going to the gym or running along the track oval becomes a routine during the day, and you will surely experience the health benefits!
  2. However, keep in touch with your sports injury specialist for instructions and other matters. For example, if you need a mammogram screening in Singapore, ask them about getting this procedure. You might need to skip a few days in the gym or tone things down.
  3. Set a schedule that works for you. An example would be a young professional who works out in the gym at 6 PM after work to relax and relieve stress.


  1. A physically active lifestyle is rewarding because you get to achieve the desired shape and the mental health benefits that come with it. However, you might want to consider listening to your body. The sports injury specialist can help you formulate a workout plan so that it is not too heavy.
  2. If you feel like skipping a session or doing less than your intended routine, do not feel guilty because it is understandable to take breaks. You might also need to take time for a health screening packageto improve your energy and reinvent your practices.
  3. Do not overlook simple episodes of pain and discomfort. If there is anything unusual or amiss about your body, immediately visit a sports injury specialist for a consultation.


  1. It is not to tell you to wake up at 10 AM every day and slack off during work. All joking aside, getting sufficient sleep every night is one way to maximise the experience of getting a regular health screening package with a sports injury specialist.
  2. On top of the health services you get, doing your part by sleeping on time every night helps you achieve goals. Imagine waking up every morning full of hope and positivity. You would experience how refreshing it feels because you go to work in the right mindset.
  3. If you suffer from conditions or an unusual sleeping pattern, you can consult a sports injury specialistfor tips and recommendations on who to approach. They will help you with this concern.


  1. In Singapore, visit a sports medicine centreregularly to maintain a habit. You can do it every month or after three months. In short, you should have a schedule every year to visit your specialist.
  2. Use a calendar application or a notebook to track your schedule. It helps you organise things without feeling like a tedious chore. (Tip: Choose what works best for you because digital and physical papers are equally great!)
  3. Keep in touch with the sports injury specialist for updates and happenings in their clinic. You might even have a health screening packagepromotion if you are a loyal customer.



Thomson Wellth Clinic provides top-notch services to its patients. If you are an active individual or anyone who wants to change their lifestyle, visit their website for more information.