Have you had Botox for migraines? Did it work?

Botox is a drug used in the medical industry and cosmetic space for treating issues like chronic migraines, muscle spasms, excessive sweating, reducing wrinkles, etc. I have had chronic migraines since a young age. Unfortunately, it stopped me from attending several events and plans. However, consulting my doctor regularly and taking prescribed treatments have helped me come a long way. 

On one such occasion, my doctor suggested I take the botox treatment. So I went back home and researched it online. I found a few details on the internet, like the FDA approving the shot for chronic migraines. I also found several fellow people reporting their experiences, which benefited me. So here is how the botox treatment works and the measure I took, and you should take too. 

Sometimes people like me are afraid to get injected, especially it creates a certain hesitancy when you know it will be injected near your head, shoulders, and neck. In addition, the treatment is not one-time; it goes on for a longer period. However, dismissing all fears, I have now found a more efficient treatment method for botox. The frequency at which I get migraines has drastically reduced, thanks to the botox treatment. 

So here is a brief detail on botox treatment and all that you should know about it.

Friends, it is essential to remember that botox helps only chronic migraines, or that is what is proven to date. So if you suffer from other migraines, this treatment is not for you. While how botox works is not entirely understood, it is often said that they stop some signals and cause a change in one calcium channel in the meninges, which is responsible for the migraine process, and therefore the migraines are reduced. 

A few other sources indicate that botox is injected near the pain fibers involved in headaches. It, in turn, stops the pain network in the brain from getting activated. Since this pain transmission is stopped by restricting the release of an essential chemical, we suffer fewer migraine days.  

The best part of the botox treatment is enjoying a few normal days when you do not experience any kind of pain. Most people experience this a few days each month. Similarly, the number of days reduces as you take your regular doses. 

Apart from individual experiences, botox is proven effective in surveys conducted by different professionals. Mainly, it has been revealed that botox shots cut down the number of days people experience migraine or any headaches, and most people in the survey have reported positively. Another finding is that more rounds of treatment helped cut down the pain days in half. 

The treatments take place like every 12 weeks, and we might have to take close to 35 odd shots on each side of our head. I started seeing the results after 3 weeks of the treatment. But the time gap varies based on individuals. If you ask me about side effects, I suffer from neck pain, but it is quite tolerable.