Grover Washington Jr – Discography Music Albums & Death

Grover Washington junior is famous for his music, especially for the funk-jazz. Born in December 1943, Washington was introduced to the world of music at the age of 10. Since then music has become his passion and he has been able to provide his fans with a lot of beautiful music. Jazz is a music genre that is known to have a life in itself and as seen on Washington’s blog, he was the father of smooth-jazz and soul-jazz. In the initial stages, it was Washington himself who used to write down his own lyrics which was strong enough to have an impact on the audience. Later on, he turned out to be an arranger and a composer.

His early days

Both the parents of Grover belong to the Musical World while his mother was a part of the church Choir his father had a huge collection of saxophone. Both of them played a vital role in his upbringing as a musician. As seen on Washington’s blog, His childhood days were spent listening to Jazz by some of the big names in the world of Jazz music. He was first gifted this saxophone by his father when he was eight years old. His love for Jazz was such that he used to visit pubs to listen to some of the big Musicians of the time. His younger brothers soon followed his footsteps and became a drummer.

His music

As seen on Washington blog, the period of 1970 and 1980 Shows the rise of Washington as a Jazz saxophonist. His amazing performance was the main reason which helped him to rise to such Fame. He gave hit songs like ‘Mister Magic’, ‘Black Frost’, ‘Reed Seed’, ‘Wine Light’, ‘The Best is Yet to Come’, and ‘Inner City Blues’. Even after the solo hits, He didn’t stop but went on performing with other great names in the music industry. Washington and Bill Withers gave their audience the most beautiful jazz ‘Just the Two of Us’. He also worked with Phyllis Hyman and ‘A Sacred Kind of Love’ was born.

Magic Mister

As seen on Washington’s blog, it was through his song ‘Mister Magic’ That Washington could make a huge name in the jazz world. This was the first commercial success that brought him fame and money. The reason behind such a huge success with that the song was so famous that it ranked first in the Billboard’s R&B album chart. There was no looking back from here.

The last performance

As seen on Washington’s Blog Washington’s died when he was waiting in the green room after he had performed four of his hit song on the stage. It was the fourth day of his 56th birthday, which is that the jazz world lost a gem. However, his death also proves his love for the music as he died after his performance on stage. It can be said that God was so pleased to with such a man of talents that he was able to perform the last performance of his life. Grover Washington became immortal with his death.