Google Chrome & Internet TV – Changing the way People Watch

Many people are switching to their Internet browsers to watch television, and many others are using a set-top box (such as Google TV’s platform, Revue) to enjoy their favorite programming. A set top box such as the Logitech Revue with Google TV is only $99.99, and provides a convenient way to watch whatever is of interest – movies, comedies, supernatural, sports – anything that’s available on the Internet or on broadcasting.

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Revue, Roku, and Apple TV

All three of these devices allow the user to use Internet TV right on their television sets in the comfort of their living rooms or bedrooms, rather than sitting at a desk watching streaming content from their computers. These platforms have different features and allow for a multitude of different tastes. Sports lovers, fashion addicts, and news junkies can get their fill with these different platforms.

Some have app store access (the Revue and Roku do – Apple TV uses iTunes), and all three have Netflix. Those who have Hulu subscriptions would be best off with the Roku, and those who want almost all the “bells and whistles” (such as video chat and multiple remote control access via their smartphones, for example) will find that the Revue has everything they want and need.

The biggest complaints that come in for any of these platforms – like any computer system – are that they crash when performing some actions, such as scrolling Facebook photos, or trying to download too many items at once.

Online Streaming Content

For some, the budget is still very tight in their households, and putting down $100 for an Internet TV platform is still a bit too much for them to spend. However, they already have broadband Internet in their homes and a reliable computer, but still want the experience of customizable television. They’re in luck, because doing an online search for the best online casino us and “Internet TV” brings a huge return of live, streaming content.

Hulu, USTREAM, XFINITY, and other Internet TV provides hours of content for those who want to watch television while they are in their home office or at their desks (never at work, of course!). These sites allow the user to pick and choose his or her favorite shows. Some are free, and some require a paid subscription for premium content. However, there are plenty of affordable options to keep the user entertained for hours.

No matter how someone chooses to get their favorite shows, movies, and videos, the addition of Internet TV has transformed the way people watch their favorite programming. They are more involved, more interactive, and are able to give instant feedback on what they like, dislike, and able to select highly customizable programming that fits their individual tastes.