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The question of equality only arises for the moment in financial terms; no one has ever considered taxing beauty or intelligence. Why would it be fair to tax someone who mainly has only financial wealth? One largely inherits the beauty and intelligence of one’s parents and benefits from it from birth and even if one benefits from one’s parents’ standard of living, one does not inherit their heritage until their death.

Would there be more merit in being beautiful, intelligent, spiritual than in being rich?

“So we never love anyone, but only qualities” according to Pascal’s famous phrase. Why would it be less decorous or distinguished to love someone for their money than for their beauty or intelligence? Money is not only a factor of inequality but it can also remedy certain injustices. For some, their beauty or their charm alone is enough to obtain the emotional or sexual favors of their fellows. Money makes it possible to compensate for these injustices of fate, and to say that a certain right-thinking left and right would like to ban prostitution! That we propose to these right-thinking people to practice sexual charity. You can go for the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 reviews also.

However, our charm alone will not get us bread at the baker’s and that could presume the superiority of money over other forms of wealth. Only money assures absolute convertibility with other forms of wealth, but this only in ordinary times. In the event of Weimar-style hyperinflation, no one will want your fiat money and it is then preferable to have other wealth such as real currencies that are gold or silver and which can therefore be used of currency.

  • While waiting for this serious monetary crisis which will not fail to occur, let’s take advantage of our money to drink a beer at the Marina.
  • Let’s start by clearing up the confusion that is frequently made between money and money. For there is some confusion in the use of these two terms, and this confusion hinders the understanding of ideas.


Initially, the word silver designates the metal, appreciated for its rarity to the point of becoming precious. This rarity is the basis of its appeal; they are made into jewels and silverware.

The currency

The scarcity of money is at the origin of its adoption as a unit of value: A certain weight of silver corresponds to a certain value. This value is (originally) stable over time. Goods that have the same value can either be exchanged between them or bought for the same monetary value.

This is how money became a medium of exchange, especially since its scarcity naturally prevents fraud. It quickly replaced the initial currencies such as salt, mother-of-pearl, amber, seashells to become the main medium for the currency used in trade. To make it even more practical in trade, it can be split up and put into circulation standardized weights of silver in the form of coins which will have various weights of silver, submultiples of a kilogram. It is this form of money that was originally called “money”.