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Work at sea is demanding. It requires the utmost concentration and a high level of skill. Part of protecting your ship and crew is ensuring that you have the right people for the job. Another part of this task is ensuring that your ship is in a suitable condition for going to sea. This requires a great deal or preparation. One of the most important things you must do is to take measures to keep water from forming in spaces throughout the vessel. Leaky pipes and condensation can cause such problems. You can take actions that prevent both of these. Indeed, the most effective thing you can do is insulate your ship against the formation of free water.

The build-up of water can cause myriad problems. It presents a slip-and-fall hazard which can endanger the health of your crew. It can also add to the ballast of a ship, which can make it sluggish and unresponsive. This in turn will lead to the greater expenditure of fuel, which will cost you more money. Perhaps the greatest danger posed by free-standing water is its corrosive effects on the structure of the craft. Corrosion is one of the greatest dangers to any watercraft. You must do all that you can to prevent it.

Ship Insulation is the best solution. Mascoat produces some of the best marine insulation in the country. The company offers a composite coating that has been designed to be effective in the harsh and demanding environment of the sea. This type of insulation coating provides anti-condensation protection. It is water-based, comprising a coating as well as air-filled particulates that are held in suspension by an acrylic binder. It is easy to maintain, and it can be applied like paint. It also provides a thermal barrier.

This type of insulation coating has wide application. It has been used with great success in marine vessels that operate in everywhere from Alaska to Antarctica. The coating can replace or work with most blanket and foam insulation products. The coating bonds directly to the primer on pipes and surfaces, which prevents the formation of moisture and leaves no room for corrosion to develop. It is lightweight and can protect vessels for up to 20 years if necessary, which makes it a sound investment.

To get the insulation you need for your marine vessels, you should work with a company that specializes in this kind of work. The vendor you work with should offer you a range of insulation materials to choose from. They should also provide you with a plan for how they will conduct the actual insulation. There should be perfect transparency here so that you can make your own plans to accommodate them. You should also receive a price quote. Although having your vessels insulated is an investment, you need not allow yourself to be overcharged. You should pay a fair market price for the work. You should get the most value for your money.

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