Four Questions To Ask Yourself when Doing Sprinkler Repairs

Are you on a fence about calling a sprinkler system specialist in Bountiful, Utah, to repair your system, or rather do it on your own? Here are some questions to think about when considering this.

1. Is DIY repair cheaper?

How cheap a repair will depend on the system, its damage, and your readiness to get your hands dirty fixing the problem. The trick is repairing without causing further complications that will lead to more expense. Usually, it is not that hard to fix, as common issues generally involve only small parts like the sprinkler heads, connectors, or pipes. The valves and the control usually need an inspection and adjustment for proper water flow. Just get the overall picture of your system’s setup, and you’re ready to check from point to point, leading you to the source of the issue. It is easy to locate the damage if the only thing compromised are a few sprinkler heads or broken pipes. However, it’s a different case if it needs replacing the entire system, where hiring a professional in Bountiful, Utah, is usually the only option left.

2. What’s the Actual Professional Cost?

These 2020 cost figures will help you decide:
– Sprinkler system repair – from $131 and $383, averaging $250.
– Sprinkler head replacement – $2 to $18 per head
– Plumber labor – up to $100 per hour starting from $50
– Valve replacement – the average is about $12.50 to $40 per valve in addition to labor.
Sprinkler head prices vary. They can cost $30 per head. Ones that are made of brass may cost more than $100.

3. How to Get Set for a DIY?

It starts with digging around spots where heads don’t release enough water or there’s no water at all.
Then follow these steps:
– Take pictures of those spots and parts (sprinkler heads, pipes, valves, timer, etc.)
– Write down the number of zones and the sizes of parts.
– Talk to an expert in Bountiful, Utah. Provide vital information and ask them about the possible expense the repair will incur.
Assess your readiness to do the job. Make sure you buy only the best replacement parts and supplies.

4. How Do You Repair a Leaking Valve?

The first step to repairing a leaking valve is to check for clogging. Open the valve to see any debris buildup in the bottom, the bleed port, and the diaphragm. Free the diaphragm of any gunk, and see if it has cracks or any deformation. Also, check the plunger if it moves freely.
If the valve still does not work, the internal parts should be replaced, and if this still fails, proceed to replace the whole thing.

If you suspect leaking on an inground system, check differences in water pressure. If it is too low when the sprinkler is on, that part might be leaking. A leaking sprinkler will eventually damage or disfigure the lawn and the garden.
If unsure, you can always call a reputable company in Bountiful, Utah, for a free inspection to see what repairs need to be made.

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