People with disabilities or limited mobility make use of manual wheelchairs for leading an active life. There are some disabilities that even restrict the usage of manual wheelchairs. In such a scenario, power or electric wheelchairs are the only resort. In the medical field, technological advancement has made rapid strides that one can easily find a suitable lightweight electric wheelchair. The online market is flooded with innumerable options; one such option is Jazzy power chairs by Pride Mobility.

Because different people have different needs. Thus, it is not wrong to say that if a Jazzy passport power wheelchair is an ideal mobility option for one person, it may be worthless for others. Therefore, it is necessary that a person should evaluate his needs before purchasing any electric lightweight wheelchair. Let’s uncover the fact associated with Jazzy power wheelchairs that will assist you in deciding its suitability:

Weight Requirement – All power wheelchairs have a weight holding capacity. Say, for instance, jazzy passport power wheelchairs have a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. So, it is the right chair for you only when you weigh 250 lbs or less. The bariatric users should not consider this power wheelchair as an ideal mobility option. Similarly, there is a criterion pertaining to the height capacity. A person with 6.2’’ inch or shorter can easily fit in the Jazzy wheelchair. 

Distance Travelled – Most of the lightweight electric wheelchairs have maximum distance travelled capacity of 15 miles, however Jazzy passport runs for 9.6 miles in a single charge. But no need to disappoint as compared to other folding power wheelchairs, Jazzy power chair has a smaller turning radius of 25’’. Its small turning radius makes it an ideal power chair with optimal maneuverability.  

Comfort Factor – Most of the lightweight electric wheelchair models available in the market lack the comfort factor. In this category, Jazzy power chairs are an exception. The electric wheelchair has a very nice and comfortable seat made from breathable materials. The foam and cushioned seats offer the highest level of comfort and do not give sticky or sweaty feeling even if a person sits for a long duration. The handy mesh cup holder and pocket on the backrest is an in-built feature. The cup holder allows a rider to keep water bottles handy with them and pocket on the backrest gives extra storage space. The presence of an under-seat storage pouch not gives a stylish look to the wheelchair but allows a rider to store a number of personal belongings while travelling outdoors.

Ease of Usage – The lightweight electric wheelchairs are user-friendly and compact in design so that people with limited mobility can easily operate them. The Jazzy power chairs easy to assemble in a few steps like attaching the joystick along with its wire, battery and cup holder. Once, the initial set-up is over, it requires no other maintenance. For effortless transportation, users only need to fold it simply in a few steps. In other words, it is easy to fold and transport. The state-of-the-art design allows easy movement of the chair with a single touch of a button. 

Brand Counts – The Jazzy line of power chairs belongs to “Pride Mobility” brand.  The Pride Mobility is one of the most reputed American brands known for offering high-quality mobility vehicles in various segments over the last 30 years. It’s transparent marketing activities and good customer service makes it one of the most reliable companies dealing in mobility vehicles in the market. 

Price Range- The price range of Jazzy power chairs is $2000. If sources to be believed, it is one of the most affordable lightweight electric wheelchairs in the market bearing a legacy of excellence and trust of the Pride Mobility. The other models of lightweight electric wheelchairs are expensive than Jazzy passport wheelchairs. Another benefit is if customers are finding even Jazzy wheelchairs pricey, they can avail rental options. There are many companies in the USA offering mobility vehicles at affordable rental prices. 

Disclaimer: Prices of Jazzy power chairs do vary from one model to another and with the course of time. 

Easy to Buy Online – Interested people can easily buy Jazzy power chairs from the online market at affordable prices. If they are willing to avail a rental option, they need to look for a reliable company like Affordable Medical USA.

The Conclusion 

The Jazzy passport power wheelchair is a lightweight, comfortable, well-designed wheelchair suitable for people weighing less than 250 lbs and with a height 6.2’’ or shorter.  It offers good storage space and optimal maneuverability, with only one average feature of maximum distance travelled. So, it is easy to conclude that it is a good option to consider for limited mobility people.