Fortune cookies, one of the best ideas for a first date. Here’s why!

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Sometimes, some of the smallest gestures, which you don’t even give much importance to, can have unexpected effects, among the most pleasant. One of these refers to a date that begins or ends with one or more fortune cookies which will be enjoyed, while the messages inside them will be read aloud. This is a very pleasant way of spending time and, on top of that, a unique way to get to know the person in front of you better. By reading this article further, you’ll find out how to put together such a surprise:

  1. Accesible to anyone. 

First of all, we must mention, if it wasn’t already obvious, that fortune cookies are accessible to anyone, both literally and figuratively, from all points of view. This means that they are cheap and they can be found in more and more restaurants or bars, not necessarily Chinese ones. Therefore, if you want to take your chosen one on a first date with fortune cookies, you must first find a place that serves such a delicacy with a hidden message;

  1. A cute surprise. 

The good news is that any woman should be impressed by such a surprise on the first date. Why? Because it shows that you made the effort to find something original, to help you break out of patterns and reach the soul of the person in question. Basically, in such a scenario, the status of the woman in question doesn’t even matter, for example, what lifestyle she has, how demanding she is, etc. Regardless of whether she is the poor girl of some simple people or she works at the top Birmingham escort agency, she’ll definitely enjoy it;.

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  1. Quality time together. 

Fortune cookies represent a good opportunity to engage in an interesting activity with your current or future partner. For example, imagine that she can’t open the cookie on the first try – what could be cuter than this? Of course, this is the moment when you must take action and help her, proving that you are a true gentleman. You can even put your hands over hers, hugging her from behind, and tear the cookie together. Crumbs will be flying everywhere, but you two will be smiling, and that’s the only thing that really matters;

  1. A cute or even wise message. 

Last but not least, fortune cookies hide, both literally and figuratively, cute or even wise messages. Here are just a few examples: “To truly find yourself you should play hide and seek alone”, or “Love is like sweet nectarine, good to the last drop”, or “Take the chance while you still have the choice”. They will give you a chance not only to have fun but also to reflect on the deeper side and meaning of life. This way, your date can be fulfilling from all points of view, and your partner can realize that she has an integral man in front of her, who’s not at all superficial, and who sees more than what can be seen.