The influence of the internet over people’s choices has grown manifold. Access to the World Wide Web is so easy now. This gives the customer power to view the pros and cons of everything they choose, and one can say that more than 90 percent follow this procedure of checking online about your product. It should be noted that very few do not sway with reviews written online, and this makes it essential for the management to emphasize the necessity to get positive reviews.

Below are five of the essential reasons why online reviews are important to a business:

It ensures visibility:

It is a well-established fact that consumers would search for reviews online. Based on positive reviews, they make their choice. The fact is that these review sites follow their method of indexing the content and fresh content is appreciated. Reviews by consumers get a high priority, and if they happen to be positive, your brand would be the most favored. There is a ranking procedure involved, which is automatic, and good comments make you ranked at the top, making your product more visible. Now, this calls for an effective online reputation management firm immediately and dispels any doubts about your product and regains the trust of the customers. An expert reputation management firm can help you in the removal of fake and negative content from sites like ripoff report removal and cheaterland removal.

Building up Trustworthiness:

There would be a spurt on the trust factor, and your credibility is bound to rise if there are positive reviews online about your product. For this purpose, a ‘Star ‘ rating is advocated by these sites. The fact is that consumers ignore anything which has a rating of below four stars. On the other hand, your business would see a sizeable spurt, if the ratings for your product are four or a maximum of five.

A Tool to Decision Making:

A product or brand is well planned in its initial stages, but it is the aftermath that matters too. The product increases the visibility, and one should not confine themselves to reviews on social media but also on other channels, which may be less popular. The fact is that nearly seventy percent of consumers feel that online reviews aid the decision-making process. For example, if one is planning a holiday, they would consult Google or Trip Advisor than take advice from their friends.  Therefore, it is essential to keep the review’s flow steadily, as this would surface on top of other reviews when a consumer uses a browser.

Positive reviews equal sales:

Various studies conducted by experts reveal that online reviews have an impact on your bottom line. It is also pertinent to state that positive reviews lead to an increase in your turnover. For this purpose, efforts like maintaining star level ratings are essential. An improvement of a star can boost sales up to ten percent of sales.

Transparency between consumers and Management:

In this digitized world, the consumer who reviews your product does hope for feedback from the management. It increases the transparency between both, and the command should not fail to respond to negative comments too. This will reinstill confidence among the consumers and would also help find new ones. The immediate response lends a face to your product and, in that a friendly one.


It is evident from the above that consumers are dependent on online reviews, which may affect the company’s bottom line. It also emphasizes response levels from the management and creates an atmosphere of friendliness along with openness.