Fishbone Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Fishbone diagrams are important slides in PowerPoint which are highly used across several industries for performing cause and effect analysis. These types of templates are certainly a valuable addition to any type of presentation. Fishbone diagrams are also called the Ishikawa diagram or cause-and-effect diagram. In PowerPoint, you will get several templates for fishbone diagrams and some of the popular templates are:

  • Root Cause Analysis PowerPoint diagrams: This is a very popular fishbone diagram template that is highly used in many business and management models. In this template, there are 11 slides and all these slides are of flat vector graphics and clipart icons.  This template is mainly used for presenting error-reduction, showing all types of technical issues, input-output engineering problems, etc.
  • Flat fishbone diagram for PowerPoint: This type of template provides simple flat shapes and it has mainly four major elements and they are the effect, the spine, the branches, and the causes. The head of the fish represents the effect that is under the analysis, the spine represents the connecter between the categories, the branches show the set of causes, and the root cause factors are represented as the leaf of the branches.      
  • Animated 3D Fishbone PowerPoint template: This is a 3D template in which there are numerous versions of fishbone diagrams. In this template, the cartoon figures of fish are presented along with the labels of fishbone structures. With animation as well as 3D diagram rotation this type of fishbone diagram PowerPoint can give you a realistic view and hence can make the complex presentation interesting. 
  • Realistic Fishbone diagram template: This is a kind of cause and effect template that mainly has the illustration of a fish. This template is used for identifying the root cause as well as the quantity control situation. It is also highly used for analyzing as well as finding the root cause of any complex problems.
  • Hand-drawn fishbone diagrams template: This type of fishbone diagram template PowerPoint is widely used for producing cause and effect analysis. This kind of template is very useful in breaking down the complex and serious issues