Note that your lawyer’s fees may be fully or partially reimbursed by legal aid. Your net monthly income must be below certain thresholds: € 929 to benefit from total assistance, € 1,393 for partial assistance (these amounts are increased by € 167 for the first 2 dependents and € 106 for following). If you are granted partial assistance (ranging from 15 to 85% of the fees), you will have to pay the other part of the fees according to the terms of the agreement established with your lawyer. 

You can obtain the legal aid application form from the legal aid office of the district court in your place of residence, in a house of justice and law, at the town hall or download it from the website of the Ministry of Justice. You can request the appointment of the lawyer you have chosen, if he has agreed to defend you under legal aid, otherwise legal aid will appoint a lawyer.

Good to know

Before the criminal courts, you can ask the President of the Bar for the appointment of a court-appointed Roth Davies Overland Park lawyer, if you do not know one. You can also contact the judge during the proceedings. You will be responsible for the fees of this lawyer, unless you have legal aid.

In the event of a dispute, contact the chairman

If you are unable to amicably resolve a dispute between you and your lawyer, after having sent him a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, you can contact his President, that is to say – say the professional who represents the lawyers in each bar.

You can demand the return of your file: your lawyer cannot withhold the documents, even to obtain payment of his final fee bill.

You can dispute the amount of his fees. A lawyer must, in fact, be able to justify the invoiced hours by noting in the file the time spent (meetings, telephone conversations, study of the file, hearings, etc.). This type of dispute is common when fees are set by the hour.

You can finally act responsibly

The lawyer cannot be held responsible for the poor outcome of a case, unless he has committed professional misconduct he has ignored a known rule of law, missed a time limit for or forgot to attend a hearing. He then incurs disciplinary sanctions. Note that, in this case, you can, in addition, take action in court to obtain compensation for your damage (but the lawyer’s liability will only be retained in serious and obvious cases).

Note: you can change the lawyer during the procedure, but the one you have chosen can only take over the case if the previous one has been paid.