Find Smart Treatments for Anxiety Now

One of the symptoms of an anxiety attack is difficulty breathing or a feeling of suffocation. In fact, it can be one of the signs that help us spot the upcoming onset of an attack. In that sense, learning to control breathing can help us avoid anxiety attacks or, if we already have them, shorten them.

Hyperventilation is one of the factors that helps keep the crisis going. Certain practices like yoga and other similar disciplines teach us to breathe deeply and with the full capacity of our body.

How to do?

  • To begin with, we sit down to do it, preferably with our elbows on the armrests to avoid strain in the shoulders.
  • Breathing should be gentle, slow, regular, and ultimately calm.
  • We breathe through the nose and fill the abdomen in 4 seconds.
  • Then we hold our breath for 2 seconds.
  • Then we slowly breathe out through the mouth over 4 seconds and repeat for several minutes.

Follow a balanced and nutritious diet

A balanced diet is very important in addition to any medical treatment. There will always be foods to avoid because they harm us, while others will provide us with very beneficial nutrients.

In case of anxiety, it is advisable not to consume drinks containing caffeine (such as coffee or soft drinks), industrial baked goods and junk food. It is better to opt for a healthy and balanced diet. For havening anxiety this is important.

Avoid anxiety attacks by using natural remedies and supplements

There are some natural remedies that can help us balance the nervous system. Thus, with certain herbal remedies, we can achieve mild states of relaxation which will help us to avoid anxiety attacks.

Here are a few:


Lavender, as expressed in this research by a team from the Western University of Health Sciences (United States)

Some supplements can also be effective. However, we recommend to always take them always on medical prescription:

Enjoy life

To put an end to anxiety for good, we need to get deeper into our emotions. In our plan to prevent it, we can’t miss out on all of those people, things, or activities that fill us with positive feelings.

We must pursue our emotional well-being to achieve a better quality of life. This well-being is to be sought in joy, gratitude, vitality and hope. We must fill our existence with what inspires us and gives us satisfaction.

Avoid anxiety attacks with psychotherapy

Finally, if we feel that anxiety is overwhelming us, we should seek professional support. We should not compare ourselves to others or wait for crises to become more severe.

The psychologist will be the one who will help us to understand and not to repress our emotions related to this disorder. In addition, the causes and the way in which the seizures manifest themselves will be evaluated, as well as possible medical treatments depending on the severity.

Don’t limit yourself to hiding

If you have an anxiety disorder, the last thing you need to do is hide. What happens to you is very common and can be healed, so you need to put the shame aside.

Your sanity is important. Prioritize, think about yourself, and don’t hesitate to ask for help before it’s too late. Your happiness and your quality of life will thank you.