Explore Barcelona like a pro with these tips!

If you have been planning a trip to Barcelona, you should start looking for details as early as possible. A quick search on Google will give you a list of top places to see, and by now, you probably know that the capital of Catalonia is famed for the works of Antoni Gaudí. To make things simple, we have sorted a few tips just for you! 

  1. Check for day tours and guided options. If you are short on time, or wish to just catch up the important sights, you may want to check for guided tours, which are worth the money. For instance, The Barcelonian private tours are great for first-time travelers and families. 
  2. Respect the political scenario. You may be interested in knowing about Catalan independence, but don’t try to take sides. Keep in mind that people can be quite sensitive to most things said by outsiders. 
  3. Eat at local restaurants. We know that La Rambla is on every tourist’s list, but try and explore some of the local bars and restaurants, many of which offer the best of entertainment in Barcelona. While the places and eateries in La Rambla are worthy, but the prices are on the steeper side. 
  4. Don’t miss out on La Sagrada Família. While you may be tempted to skip paying the entrance fee, we would recommend against it. Make sure that you check this masterpiece that is still unfinished. You can find detailed guides online on what to appreciate and consider getting tickets online. 
  5. Check Gothic Quarter. Did you know that Barcelona is among the most walkable cities in the world? Explore the Gothic Quarter on your feet to get a fair idea of the history of this city. Taking an Uber may not be the best choice.
  6. Don’t try to save money on out-of-the-way hotels. This is another common mistake that many tourists make. It’s understandable that you want to save money, but stay close to the main sights, and you can save on traveling and renting a car. 
  7. Keep things flexible. While having a plan in place always helps, don’t be too tight on your itinerary. People are often surprised about the vibe of the city and end up spending a couple of days more than planned. Just walking around the streets can be pleasurable here. 

Hotels, flights and day tours are best booked in advance at the right price. 

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