Everything you need to know about eyelid process

Are you considering having an eyelid procedure in the coming days? Well, eyelid surgery, popularly known as blepharoplasty, is among the leading cosmetic procedures that have gained mainstream popularity in the recent past. Other than a rejuvenated appearance, you’ll enjoy improved vision and diminished wrinkle lines associated with old age.

However, before doing an asian double eyelid surgery in los angeles, it is imperative that you choose an experienced doctor who doesn’t only have a preceding reputation for success but has the right facility and equipment too. The overall success rate of eyelid surgeries is placed at 95%, and the other variation depends on who you trust with your eyes. You might want to score the best clinic from referrals and online reviews since positive reviews are like positive recommendations, and they’ll point you in the right clinic.

Besides the clinic, there are other things that you might be interested to know which include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • History of eyelid surgery

The history of blepharoplasty rolls back to the past decade, with its prevalence, mostly witnessed in the Asian countries. In fact, in more than ten countries across the globe, the UK, and the USA being part of them, eyelid surgery is listed among the top ten after-sought cosmetic procedures. However, it is true to assert that blepharoplasty started, grew, and developed with Korean celebrities, before spreading to other parts of the world. Today, you can get the procedure at any top-notch cosmetic clinic in your city.

  • What is the detailed procedure?

Blepharoplasty is mainly done in three detailed procedures, but the one that your doctor chooses will largely depend on special needs, preferences, and underlying medical conditions. These procedures include the upper eyelid surgery, the lower eyelid surgery, and the double eyelid surgery. The upper eyelid surgery is mainly aimed at improving vision loss and fighting aging signs like fine wrinkles. The lower eyelid surgery also aims at eliminating wrinkles but pays focus to reduce baggy eyes. Double eyelid procedure will mainly lead to larger-looking eyes, and it is the most popular.

  • Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

Anyone who wants to improve their looks and regain that self-confidence can take on eyelid surgery, but only with realistic expectations. For instance, if you are around your 30s and the wrinkles start forming around your eyes, eyelid surgery is for you.

  • Are the results permanent?

While upper eyelid surgery can last for up to 5 or 7 years, you may need to repeat the lower one often if you want to maintain a consistent look. However, it is important to note that this procedure isn’t permanent, as it only helps to delay the onset of aging signs.

  • Possible side effects

Lastly, you might want to consider the possible side effects that are associated with the procedure. From basic knowledge, any body surgery, whether medical or cosmetic, has the potential of being accompanied by possible side effects. The main effects that you can come across are post-surgery and will be short-lived with the right medication. These include but not limited to scarring, swelling, bruising, temporary double vision, and itchiness. Itchiness can be treated with prescribed eye drops. The other effects, such as bruising and swelling, will ease with time.