Enrolling Your Struggling Child In A Math Tuition Centre: 11 Tips For Parents

Seeing their child struggle with their free math worksheet from school is a painful thing for parents. They might even encounter them throwing tantrums or crying because of the complex equations they try to solve. As a result, they often enrol them in a math tuition centre in Singapore or hire an online math tutor to learn from a distance.

The problem is being supportive and wise with their decisions because parents struggle with some things. An example would be letting their emotions get ahead of them and eventually hurting their children, or even hiring a primary maths tutor who does not match their preferences.

Are you a parent with a child struggling in math? Here are some tips you can follow to make your life easier!


It is not an exaggeration, but a parent who blames their children for struggling with their free math worksheet from school or their sessions with an online math tutor in Singapore is wrong. You can think of it as acting hostile towards someone struggling, which is something a good person does not want to do. Instead, focus on the problem by not playing the blame game. Ask them what makes the topic difficult or anything that seems unusual. Your child would greatly appreciate it if you did this.


No. It does not mean finishing your child’s homework and deceiving the secondary math tutor in Singapore. Offering a helping hand means assisting them with the equations they solve without spoon-feeding. For example, if the free math worksheet asks them to solve 1 + 1, you should help by reminding them how to get the answer or the step they need to take. You teach instead of answering.



Connect with your child and ask them about the problem. Is it the math tuition centre in Singapore that lacks something? Or do they need a different and more effective teaching method? Also, do not be combative or hostile when asking them questions. Remember that you are a parent wanting to help a child, not a detective who is questioning a murder crime suspect.


Aside from asking your child and planning with your spouse about what to do, consult the online or secondary math tutor for whatever concern you have in mind. You can ask them about the best way to accomplish the free math worksheet they offer, the type of class your child needs, and anything that can help your struggles. (Tip: You can do this before enrolling in a tuition centre to assess things.)


Looking for a math tuition centre in Singaporeis challenging because of the options you see. One facility might stand out above the rest or have difficulties choosing between two that offer the same benefits. However, exploring many options can help you weigh the pros and cons of each of them. For instance, you might be looking for a centre with free math worksheet services for your child, so choose a centre that offers them.



Your child might be taking lessons with an online math tutorwho uses online video conferencing platforms and digital materials. If you struggle with their lack of study habits at home, consider furnishing their room, and start with buying them a comfortable desk and chair set. Another would be focusing on lighting and ventilation because it affects your child’s physical and mental health.


The math tuition centre might give out a free math worksheet for learning purposes. Another would be a set of books to aid their learning outside the classroom. There is no harm in adding a few more materials to their collection, so you can consider buying from your favourite bookstore. You can even consult the primary maths tutor for recommendations because they know these things well.


Kids nowadays are exposed to the screen for long hours because of distance learning and entertainment applications, such as cartoons and games. Consider controlling their screen time because prolonged use of gadgets affects their physical and mental health. One is being dependent on digital media: It will eventually hurt their attention span while joining a primary or secondary math tutor class in Singapore.



Do not go out there and embark on a journey to find the best solution without knowing the problem. What does this mean? Parents are often guilty of not asking their children or immediately looking for solutions that might not even work. They sometimes look for a free math worksheet, for example, when the problem is their child’s attention span and not the materials they use. (Tip: Ask them or consult the tutor regarding their performance.)


Overcoming struggles at school is not only about enrolling in the best math tuition centre or trusting an effective primary maths tutor. Being emotionally supportive is also a factor because parents should realise the importance of connecting with their children. Another would be the right balance of heart and mind because intelligence is not only about solving complex equations but also the emotions you have while doing them. (Tip: See this as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your child.)


You might think one consultation with the secondary math tutor in Singapore was already enough when they convinced you to enrol. In contrast, keeping in touch with them is one way to improve the situation of your struggling child. Ask them about the appropriate materials you need, the best teaching method that works for them, and even the schedule that fits their preferences. (Tip: Learn the importance of giving personal space because the relationship is purely professional.)

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