Dubai holidays tips

Dubai has become a very famous visitor attraction. There are few things you must know before taking holiday packages in Dubai. These tips will support you to get the best from your Dubai holiday.

Avoid Ramadan

Ramadan is the fasting month of Muslim. There is a daily fasting time, which about begins around 5:00 am ends around 6:00 pm. No one can drink, eat, or even smoke in public locations during this time.

Best time to visit

Dubai has extreme hot weather situations. Few months of the year are very warm. The top time to visit Dubai is from November to March. This is the winter period in Dubai. The temperature is approximately 20C. So book your cheap flights to Dubai now.

Visa requirements

You may have to apply for a visit visa before going to Dubai. Citizens of few countries (first world countries such as UK, USA, Australia etc) can get a visa on arrival. Check with your travel agent to verify the visa need for your country.


Visitor cannot purchase liquor from liquor shops in Dubai. Only local who are holding a liquor license can purchase them. Visitors have to go to a hotel or in a bar to get liquor.

Accommodation options

Dubai has a big range of accommodation choices. So do not spend unnecessarily on accommodation. There are affordable but quality 2 star hotels. If you are traveling with a huge group then renting an apartment is the affordable choice. Do not let your travel agent to restrict your choices.


Arabic is the top language in Dubai. Most of them can understand and speak English. But ensure that you speak slowly for them to understand rightly.


Dubai has become one of the safest locations on earth because of the hard laws. Respect the law and Dubai culture. No doubt, this is the things to do in Dubai.


Dubai also called as shoppers paradise and it rightly lives up to this title. The provision of wonderful experience attracts visitors from within the place as well as from different continents. Be it the glittering gold, discounted electronics or exclusive merchandise, it has something for every person, the incessant range offered by the city is amazing. Being an open port with very less import duties,  Dubai also offers very cheap rate prices on this unrivaled range. The Souk area, which is a mixture of number of Arabian markets, has its own traditional charm and ambiance which no other market can change.