Do you know these games which you can play easily play indoors?  

Carom billiards game is played on a billiard table with three balls. Among the three balls, there is one red ball and two white, of which one is marked. A cue ball is used to hit the other two balls to score a point. There are many different carrom games. 

Straight Rail 

The player needs to obtain a certain number of scores without any specific necessity to make a point. The player who first reaches the required score wins. If the first player wins all the balls, then the balls are arranged again, and the opponent takes benefits from the last innings in a Carom billiards game on GetMega.


Each player has to get some points  

  • Cushion first,
  • Three cushions,
  • 3Casin: the cue ball makes contact with the red, which later makes contact with the third ball after 1 cushion,
  • One cushion,
  • Two cushions,
  • Red: Red ball is hit first,
  • Direct: No cushions are allowed,
  • Free: the player can score the way he wants.
  • The first player to get 10 points in each game wins.

1 Cushion

The cue ball should re-strike at least one cushion before it hits the last ball.

 3 Cushions

The cue ball should re-strike at least on every three cushions before it hits the final ball.


You will find three different backline games: 47/1, 47/2, and 71/2.

Within this game, there are six (or nine) boundary zones on the playing cloth.

The player can only avail a maximum of 2 (47/2 and 71/2) or 1 (47/1) points staying in the zone.

Five pins

Five pins, each having a height of 25mm, are situated in the center of the playing place, in the cross shape position. 

Points are given to the players according to the pins that a player strikes:

  • Side pin: 2 points,
  • Central pin alone: 8 points.
  • Central pin: 4 points,

The number of points that are gained is one of the highest scores.

Tips for Maintaining the Billiard Board 

Check the Signs and Replace the Cloth

Tiny particles of chalk, all kinds of dust, ball wear are some of the alarming signs that you need to consider. You need to address all these problems if you want to extend the life of the billiard. Initially, as time will pass you will see the cloth is starting to wear. These marks or wear are common due to the rise in temperature, which increases the friction between the ball and the fabric. If you still try playing on such an imperfect surface, the surface might get covered with bad marks. The only solution is to replace the cloth with a new one. 

After Playing Cover the Surface with a Protective Cloth

Protective cloth is available in many sizes and shades. It is a simple and effective method to safeguard your billiards from dust and from harmful rays of sunlight. Covering the billiard table after each game prevents dust from falling on the surface and prevents color fading, and thus also preserves the integrity of the cushion rails. 

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly Before the Game Start

This is an essential habit that you should maintain. It may not sound like a big deal, but it ensures to protect the playing surface. It prevents you from causing any grease stain, for instance, after lunch on your pool table

Clean the Balls Thoroughly With a Cloth on Daily Basis 

Soapy water is best for cleaning the billiard board. Arrange a bowl of lukewarm soapy water and a soft cloth. These two things are enough for cleaning the board. The balls tend to attract dust and chalk particles due to the static electricity. When you clean the balls regularly, the dust will not clog one the board too often, which increases the durability of the board. 

Use Soapy Water and Cloth

The balls tend to accumulate dust and chalk residues on the cloth of your billiard table. Many people have a tendency to use billboards as a dining space, which should be strictly avoided. You should not try to drink, smoke, and eat over the billboard as it may cause nasty stains, which cannot be removed unless the cloth is changed completely.

Clean the Cloth Daily

Remove all the dust from the carpet on a daily basis with a soft brush. You can make use of an electric hoover but set it at a very low power to prevent the sheet from destroying.

Whether you are just a newbie in the Carom billiard game or a real amateur, follow all these tips for increasing the longevity of the billboard. Carrom billboard is an interesting indoor game that you play with your friends and family members. To know more interesting things about the carom billiards games, you can look at other articles. For learning carom billiards you can go through the internet for availing information about the game.